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Commenting Rules

The Comments Section accompanying every NewsReal post is intended to foster constructive dialogue and debate about the subjects at hand.

Any comments that fall within the following categories will most likely be deleted:

  1. Abusive, Ad Hominem, Overly Mean-Spirited. Attack arguments and ideas, not people. And please refrain from wishing bodily harm, death, or illness on others. Ad hominem arguments (in which one attacks a speaker to try and disqualify an argument’s validity) are not appreciated. A clarification on this point. If you want to comment that “Sean Hannity is an idiot” or “Barack Obama is a moron” that will probably be tolerated — though not particularly appreciated. What will not be tolerated is direct ad hominems toward NewsReal’s writers, editors, and commenters.
  2. Hyperbolic Nazi References. Try not to compare people to Hitler and the Nazis unless they’re actually advocating anti-Semitism, racism, or genocide. See Godwin’s Law. These references usually poison debate and are indicative of intellectual laziness.
  3. Filled with profanity. If you feel like an expletive helps make your point then just follow the first letter with a few stars. Censored profanity is acceptable. And keep in mind the first point.
  4. Disgusting. Let’s avoid toilet humor and pornographic commentary. We’re not in third grade any more.
  5. Off topic. The exception to this would be our “open threads” in which you can create your own topic for discussion.
  6. Ads or spam. Though we welcome you to post a link to your blog if you’re responding to one of our bloggers at your own site.
  7. Racist, sexist, and homophobic. NewsReal takes a more realistic attitude toward what constitutes these concepts than leftist sites would. Being against one of President Obama’s policies is not racist. Being opposed to him because he’s half-black is racist. Being against gay marriage is not homophobic. Suggesting that gays need to get AIDS and die is. Holocaust Denial will be considered Anti-Semitism and will not be tolerated.
  8. Duplicates. Please do not copy and paste the exact same comment on multiple threads.
  9. Threats. If you threaten or intimidate another commenter, a post’s author, or a public figure then you will immediately be banned from posting on NewsReal and you will be reported to the proper authorities.
  10. COMMENTS THAT ARE WRITTEN IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. THESE COMMENTS PROBABLY WON’T BE DELETED BUT THEY ARE REALLY ANNOYING TO READ AND USUALLY WILL NOT BE GIVEN VERY MUCH RESPECT. [If you have to use all caps because of vision problems then that’s acceptable. Please just mention that in your first comment.]
  11. Internet Trolls.

At NewsReal we strongly value the thoughtful contributions that our commenters provide. They play a crucial role in helping make NewsReal one of the blogosphere’s essential stops for political commentary and intellectual discussion.

While this website obviously expresses a somewhat conservative or libertarian perspective on the issues, comments and questions from ALL points of the political spectrum are welcome if you wish to take part in the discussion. However, If you’re only here to heckle, or to hurl insults at bloggers, commenters, or public figures then please look elsewhere for satisfaction, as you will be blocked from commenting here if you repeatedly disrespect our rules.

All commenters are essentially guests in our home. Please behave as you would if you were actually sitting down with us in our living room, sharing a cup of coffee and discussing the issues.

If you think that one of these guidelines has been violated then please click the “report” button on the specific comment so it can be reviewed by an editor. Please keep in mind that comments will not be deleted nor will commenters be banned just because they express ideas with which you disagree.

These Guidelines will be revised periodically.

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