When moral truth becomes politically incorrect, even otherwise sensible people lose their bearings. Thus it is with former NY Mayor Ed Koch, usually of sound mind on Middle East issues, who has joined the wolf pack attacking CUNY trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld who is the last man standing at CUNY who thinks it is a disgrace that the university would even think of honoring an Israel-hating demagogue like Tony Kushner. Koch, a longtime friend of Wiesenfeld is quoted in the Jewish Daily Forward as saying that Wiesenfeld was “obsessed” and that “It isn’t evil to be supportive of the Palestinian cause.” Au contraire. The last time I looked, the Palestinian cause was the destruction of the Jewish state. The “liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea” — the goal of Palestinian striving endorsed by every Palestinian leader — means in so many words the obliteration of the state of Israel. This is genocidal. This is evil. And the fact that even Ed Koch is hopelessly self-deluded on this issue is indicative of the moral abyss into which our intellectual elites have sunk.

Andrew Sullivan has posted an attack on CUNY trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld for blocking a politically motivated honorary degree that was to be given to the over-rated, crypto-communist and Israel-demonizing playwright Tony Kushner. Andrew’s intelligence is on display in the opening paragraph of his piece where he reiterates his clear-headed views of Kushner’s inflated literary reputation. Kushner’s Pulitzer-winning agitprop, Angels in America, is a puerile embarrassment and in recognizing this Andrew shows that he is capable of breaking out of the bubble of liberal derangement when it suits him. All the more reason that Andrew’s attack on Wiesenfeld is an instructive illustration of the unhinged attitudes of current “critics” of Israel, who are apologists for Hamas and their Gaza supporters.

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Osama bin Laden was a symbol of the Islamic jihad. After 9/11, surveys by al-Jazeera and other sources indicated that between 10% and 50% of Muslims regarded him as a hero. That is somewhere between 150 million and 750 million people. Symbols are important, and the death of the symbol of Islamic jihad is important. But the jihad will go on.

The fact that bin Laden was killed in a mansion near Islamabad (fitting name) is but one mark of the support he had in the Muslim world. But by the time our forces reached him, ten years after 9/11, the center of the jihad had long passed from the caves of Waziristan to the Middle East — to the Islamic Republic of Iran, to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, and to the fount of the Islamic hatred and crusade against the West — the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. 

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The Muslim Students Association is a national organization with chapters on hundreds of U.S. campuses. It has a privileged position on these campuses such that no student paper would print the statement that follows in this blog. It would be regarded as “offensive to an ethnic and religious group.” What is truly offensive are the subterfuges under which the MSA operates, lying about its core mission — which is to advance the Islamic jihad against the Jews and Christians of the Middle East, and ultimately against the United States. Unfortunately the lies of the MSA (like its sister organizations CAIR and the Muslim American Society) are successful in snookering the willing accomplices of the political left and the unwitting accomplices of the inattentive middle to support and protect them.

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