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Facebook Not On Saudi Prince’s “Like” List

2010 November 19

Knowing Facebook’s interesting past with allowing cartoons of Mohammad being posted for “Draw Mohammad Day”, we never thought Facebook would be on the Saudis “like” list. Living in  a Western society, having a social networking site blocked for exhibiting western thought is mind boggling and a violation of freedom of speech. But according to a Saudi Kingdom representative, Facebook was blocked “because the popular social networking doesn’t conform with the kingdom’s conservative values”.

The Canadian Press also reported,

“[Facebook’s content] crossed a line with the kingdom’s conservative morals”

Looks like the Saudi Prince isn’t too happy with Mark Zuckerberg. read more…

YES to Marijuana Legalization, But NO to Prop 19

2010 November 4

Oh California, how could you fail to pass an initiative legalizing marijuana? Only every third person in our beautiful state calls himself a “stoner”. What happened? Did Californians finally realize that caring about our surroundings might actually be important?

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Faceless Facebook=The New Social Divider

2010 October 29

Does Facebook ruin our sense of reality?

I know I have become notorious for my posts about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. So let me set the record straight by saying that I do not hate Zuckerberg or find Facebook to be an evil social networking site. Although their privacy settings and handling of hate speech needs to altered, I still remain an active member of Facebook. The only purpose I use this social network is for sharing my thoughts and opinions on different political matters while occasionally watching for hate groups and antisemitic slurs. After watching The Social Network, a movie depicting the story about Mark Zuckerberg’s “creation” of Facebook”, I have come to the realization that it was created to distract people from reality.

Think about it. read more…

The Unknown Mr. Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg of “The Social Network”

2010 September 27

Who really is Mark Zuckerberg? read more…

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Is the King of Social Networking Accepting Antisemitism?

2010 September 7

Facebook might be the king of social networking sites but it's not the king of hearts.

Facebook has recently become the “king” of social networking sites after its expansion in the last few years has brought millions of new people with all various opinions. Facebook even has a new group called “Jewish pickup lines” which has been quite popular in attracting fellow Jews with jokes about our culture and religion. Some of these pickup lines are quite funny and show people’s wit and charismatic side towards Israel and the Jewish people. The point of this group was to unite people based on humor not hate. But obviously not all Facebook groups are as positive about Israel and Jews in general. read more…

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