Willem Jan Hilderink

Wikileaks brings you tabloid gossip; nothing special

2010 November 29

Last week, the United States warned Wikileaks and several countries not to publish thousands of classified diplomatic documents. It was said publication of these documents would be dangerous and could cost lives. This seems strongly put: Some documents are at best embarrassing, while the rest contains nothing new nor sinister. Wikileaks latest scoop reminds me of the gossip columns in the average tabloid: It’s mostly a bunch of juicy but highly irrelevant and trivial information.

Wikileaks is a prime example of a Western hypocritical organization: Yelling professionally at the Imperialistic Satan, pretending that the U.S. controls the world by means of deceit and oppression. Nothing seems further from the truth. What the quarter of a million documents show, is that the U.S. has an excellent diplomatic apparatus. Embassies work just fine. Everyday they send correct and reliable information to Washington. We read that Berlusconi is a vain idiot, Putin has got some rather dubious friends, Sarkozy is grumpy, Karzai has a mental defect and Merkel is risk-avoiding. This is not a diplomatic nightmare, it is the truth. read more…

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