Wendy K

Wendy K is a former leftist and a writer who hails from California.

Geraldine Ferraro, Sarah Palin, and the Death of Dignity

2011 March 28

I just heard that former Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro passed away last Saturday. Hearing this news evoked so many memories.

I recall being a young feminist when Walter Mondale selected Ferraro as his vice presidential running mate. I was so proud and excited. What a turning point for women, I thought! read more…

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Why the Left Can’t Handle the Truth

2011 March 25

Col Nathan R. Jessep (Jack Nicholson):  You want answers?

Lt. Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise): I think I’m entitled.

Jessep:  You want answers?

Kaffee:  I want the truth!

Jessep:  You can’t handle the truth!”

–from the movie, A Few Good Men

I am a brand new Christian (one year ago this week!) and also a newbie conservative.   There’s so much I need to learn.

In fact, given that I had everything wrong, I need to begin at the beginning, to relearn absolutely everything.  This is because the Left, and their mainstream media, gives out all of the wrong information.

One of the areas that I have to get up to speed on is religious persecution.  I thought the only people persecuted were the Muslims, with the perps being Christians and Jews.

But now I’ve learned to my utter shock that most of the religious persecution in the world is carried out by Islamic fanatics towards Jews and Christians, especially the latter given the large numbers.  So I was horrified this week to learn about the torching of 69 churches in Ethiopia by Radical Islamists.

It was awful news, and ironic for me personally since I just had a conversation last Sunday with Ethiopian refugees.  It was at a church I attended nearby my home in California. read more…

Our Nameless and Blameless President

2011 March 24

Somehow I’m still on the Democrats’ radar, even though I left the Party a few years ago. Because, despite my best efforts to get off their list, keeps sending me emails.

Usually I just delete the mail, but I couldn’t resist opening this one, since the subject heading shouted,  “Tell Congress:  Not One Dime for Libya.”  I thought:  finally! A major Democratic organization is taking Obama to task for instigating a new war without congressional approval. read more…

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