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Twog’s Link of the Day: Conservatives MUST Heed the Advice of this Top-Notch Bill Whittle Video

2010 August 2

This video that my friend Mark Koenig forwarded is definitely worth re-watching if you’ve already seen it.

Twog’s Link of the Day: Death by Red Bull?

2010 July 18

How many Red Bulls would it take to kill me?

Right Wing Bully Shoves, Harasses Man at CNA Union Rally

2010 July 17

Yet another Tea Party demonstrator has been caught on camera using violence and intimidation to silence an opponent.

Hmm. Let’s try that again, translated from MSNBCese to English.

Via, another union goon uses violence to intimidate a cameraman at a CNA union rally.  Video after the jump: read more…

Twog Link of the Day: Time to Challenge Myth That All Should Go to College?

2010 July 2

When will America acknowledge that college isn’t for everyone?

Twog Site of the Day: The Right Sphere

2010 June 29

Have you checked out The Right Sphere yet?

This great new conservative portal gathers blogs, news, opinion, and more under one virtual roof.

Everything conservative in one place!

Twog’s Link of the Day: Sweet! The Pawn Stars Have a Twitter Account!

2010 June 28

My day is made. The stars of the coolest show on TV have a twitter account where they interact with their fans.

Twog Link of the Day: More Bowing For Obama?

2010 June 20

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia to visit President Obama? Are we in store for another bowing photo-op?

Twog Link of the Day: PR Advice from Rahm Emanuel

2010 June 19

Rahm Emanuel thinks it’s “part of a long line of PR gaffes and mistakes” for the BP CEO to hang out on his yacht during the oil spill crisis.

I wonder what he thinks about Obama and Biden playing golf today.

Twog Link of the Day: Yeah, this Should Probably Be Regulated by the Government

2010 June 16

I’m all for the free market and the second amendment but this looks like a really bad idea.

Twog Link of the Day: The Essential Charles Krauthammer

2010 June 4

Is it just me or does it seem like every Charles Krauthammer column is an event to be celebrated?

Twog Link of the Day: Great Way to Keep up with All Your Conservative Blogs!

2010 June 1

This new site is sooooooooo convenient and great!

Twog Link of the Day: Somebody Call the Wahhhmbulance for Joe McGinniss, Stalker

2010 May 29

Gosh, it doesn’t take much to get your hands on a victim card these days, does it?

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