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Ted Belman is a retired lawyer and editor of Israpundit. He made aliya last year and is now living in Jerusalem.

The Truth About ‘Settlements’ and the Golan: Israel Is Well Within Her Rights

2011 January 27

Alan Baker, director of the Institute for Contemporary Affairs at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, is former legal adviser to Israel’s Foreign Ministry and former ambassador to Canada. He recently wrote an excellent article on The Settlements Issue: Distorting the Geneva Convention and the Oslo Accords which is a must read. But for me it opened up a can of worms.

The international community considers the settlements illegal because of the sixth paragraph of Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which states:

“The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.”

But, what does this mean?

The International Committee of the Red Cross, in 1958, clarified this provision as follows:

“It is intended to prevent a practice adopted during the Second World War by certain Powers, which transferred portions of their own population to occupied territory for political and racial reasons or in order, as they claimed, to colonize those territories.”

Baker interprets it thus: “In other words, according to the ICRC commentary, Article 49 relates to deportations, meaning the forcible transfer of an occupying power’s population into an occupied territory.”

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The History Channel Sucks as History

2010 November 26

The History Channel posts a reminder, Nov 29,1947. U.N. votes for partition of Palestine but their article is pure Arab propaganda and gives the lie to history.

    “Despite strong Arab opposition, the United Nations votes for the partition of Palestine and the creation of an independent Jewish state.”“The modern conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine dates back to the 1910s, when both groups laid claim to the British-controlled territory. The Jews were Zionists, recent emigrants from Europe and Russia who came to the ancient homeland of the Jews to establish a Jewish national state. The native Palestinian Arabs sought to stem Jewish immigration and set up a secular Palestinian state.”

This is wrong historically on so many levels. read more…

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Would President Palin End the Futile ‘Peace Process’?

2010 November 8

Cross-posted from American Thinker

Come hell or high water, President Obama is determined to create a Palestinian state during his watch.  He has been doing his utmost to attack and pressure Prime Minister Netanyahu to support the two-state solution which Netanyahu did in part in his Bar Ilan speech and to freeze construction which he did for ten months ending September 26/10.  To no avail. Because of the backlash Obama experienced last summer from Jewish leaders, he was forced to start a charm offensive in the lead up to the Nov 2nd mid-terms. Now, all bets are off. His determination to create a Palestinian state, which he supported long before his political career started, will be intensified now. read more…

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Israel Must Say “No” to the Peace Process, Sooner or Later

2010 October 29

Israel must say “no” to extending the freeze formally or de facto.

Israel must also say “no” to the peace process sooner or later. Even if Israel continued to build and the PA was prepared to return to the peace process, Israel should refuse to negotiate unless of course she is prepared to swallow the deal the international community has in store for her. read more…

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