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Open Thread

2010 April 5

David Petraeus for President?

2010 April 5

Toby Harnden’s American Way 04.03.10

Americans have never been so disgusted with their politicians. More than three-quarters of Americans disapprove of Congress. President Barack Obama’s favourability ratings have slumped to below 50 per cent and he is no longer trusted or believed by many who voted for him.

Republicans are faring little better and the growth of the Tea Party movement reflects the widespread disgust with Washington and the political class. Incumbents across the board are vulnerable in November’s mid-term elections.

Many voters yearn for an outsider, someone with authenticity, integrity and proven accomplishment. Someone who has not spent their life plotting how to ascend the greasy pole, adjusting every utterance for maximum political advantage.

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Open Thread: New Element Discovered

2010 April 4

Lawrence  Livermore National Laboratory in California has  now identified with certainty the heaviest element known to  science.

The new element, Pelosium (PL), has  one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of  312.

These 312 particles are  held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

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Video of the day: Rep. Hank Johnson Afraid Guam Will Tip Over and Capsize

2010 April 2

Congressman Johnson, quickly posted the following explanation of his statement on his congressional website:

“The subtle humor of this obviously metaphorical reference to a ship capsizing illustrated my concern about the impact of the planned military buildup on this small tropical island.”

No further comment seems to be needed here…..

Google Changes Its Name to “Topeka”

2010 April 1

According to an announcement on the Google search page, the company has decided to change their name to “Topeka”

“4/01/2010 12:01:00 AM
Early last month the mayor of Topeka, Kansas stunned the world by announcing that his city was changing its name to Google. We’ve been wondering ever since how best to honor that moving gesture. Today we are pleased to announce that Google has officially changed our name to Topeka. read more…

Rove on Leno: More Evidence That The Worm Has Turned…

2010 March 31

I’m beginning to see some new and encouraging signs that the public is getting hip to the truth about President Barack Obama and his real agenda for America. An interesting one occurred Monday night when Karl Rove appeared on The Tonight Show.

Rove freely spoke his mind about ObamaCare, and each time the audience responded with applause. The first time Leno brought the subject up, he said that he didn’t like it and that it was “bad for the country” which drew immediate applause. Later in the conversation, Rove said it would bankrupt the country, which also drew applause. Not once did I hear a single “Boo” out of the audience. Considering how Rove was treated by the media during the Bush administration, I was frankly surprised that he was welcomed on a major network talk show in the first place, although I don’t think he would have been treated anywhere near as respectfully by Letterman as he was by Leno.

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The Waxman Stupak letter to AT&T and Caterpillar

2010 March 30

A friend from another blog site just sent me an interesting eMail regarding the progressive’s attempt to stifle opposition to the healthcare bill. When anyone lies as much as the progressives have on this issue, it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes back to bite them. You can read the entire letter here.

Hopefully they’ve over reached the limits of credibility this time.


“Today’s “Daily Caller” and many other news resources, is a headline regarding the Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce headed by Henry Waxman, and the link to a copy of the letter sent by Henry Waxman to the CEO’s of all the companies who outwardly protested the health care legislation and who placed a price tag on the impact to their bottom line.

When you read the letter, you will realize that Waxman and Stupak (co-author) are shocked to hear these claims coming from these executives because the bill was designed to bring down the cost, making reference to the CBO scoring of the cost of the bill, where the CBO concluded the cost would decline for most companies by as much as 3%.

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Are Iraqi bonds just as safe as California bonds?

2010 March 28

Gambling on Iraq’s slow rise from ruin

Hub investors bought bonds others shunned
By Farah Stockman Boston Globe

WASHINGTON — Some count the kidnappings. Others count the suicide bombs. Still others count the deaths of US soldiers. But, in the saga of Iraq’s slow struggle toward normalcy, Robert Smith keeps track of something far more obscure: the price of Iraqi governmentissued bonds.

Smith, one of Boston’s most intrepid investors, has made his fortune betting on the world’s most dangerous places. Dubbed the “Indiana Jones of International Finance,’’ Smith buys IOUs from governments so unstable that few others will touch them.

Read the entire article here:

Photo of the day: Lunch Break

2010 March 28

emperor tamarin

An Emperor Tamarin at the London Zoo

Caption Contest!

Make up funny captions for the photo above and post them in the comments section

At Least They’re Creating Jobs for Americans

2010 March 28


The problem is they’re all government jobs.

A friend from Nebraska sent me a copy of an e-mail he received from his congressman, Rep. Lee Terry. It’s a list of all the new boards and committees created by the health care bill passed by Congress last week Sunday.

Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, it’s going to be a bumpy ride:

1. Grant program for consumer assistance offices (Section 1002, p. 37)
2. Grant program for states to monitor premium increases (Section 1003, p. 42)
3. Committee to review administrative simplification standards (Section 1104, p. 71)
4. Demonstration program for state wellness programs (Section 1201, p. 93)
5. Grant program to establish state Exchanges (Section 1311(a), p. 130)
6. State American Health Benefit Exchanges (Section 1311(b), p. 131)
7. Exchange grants to establish consumer navigator programs (Section 1311(i), p. 150)
8. Grant program for state cooperatives (Section 1322, p. 169)
9. Advisory board for state cooperatives (Section 1322(b)(3), p. 173)
10. Private purchasing council for state cooperatives (Section 1322(d), p. 177) read more…

Napolitano: Supreme Court to Strike Down Obamacare

2010 March 27

Newsmax: Napolitano: Supreme Court to Strike Down Obamacare
Friday, 26 Mar 2010
By: David A. Patten

President Barack Obama is one of the worst presidents ever in terms of respecting constitutional limitations on government, and the states suing the federal government over healthcare reform “have a pretty strong case” and are likely to prevail, according to author and judicial analyst Andrew P. Napolitano.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV’s Ashley Martella, Napolitano says the president’s healthcare reforms amount to “commandeering” the state legislatures for federal purposes, which the Supreme Court has forbidden as unconstitutional.

Read the entire article here:

DON’T BUY IT! The crazy constitutional logic of the individual insurance mandate

2010 March 25

Jacob Sullum, a senior editor at Reason Magazine, is one of my favorite commentators on America’s current woes. He’s just posted a terrific explanation of the legal intricacies of the suits that are being filed by the states against the federal government over ObamaCare, in which he writes:

“A few weeks before Congress passed a law that orders every American to buy health insurance, the Virginia legislature passed a law that says “no resident of this Commonwealth…shall be required to obtain or maintain a policy of individual insurance coverage.” read more…

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