Steven Plaut

The Fires in Haifa Are Acts of Islamist Terror

2010 December 3

Editor’s Note: Click here for Steven Plaut’s first report on the fires in Israel.

Second fire updates:

I had written the name of the Druse Village damaged incorrectly – should be Issafiya and not as I spelled it.

The two coastal highways leading into and out of Haifa are both closed.

There are still conflicting reports coming out about the cause of the fire, with some still saying it was terrorist arson.  I would not put it past the Israeli government to try to save its “peace process pretense” by hiding the fact that the “accident” was really arson and prettifying it. read more…

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At Least 40 Dead As Fire Rages in Haifa

2010 December 2

You all are hearing about the big fire near Haifa.  I am in the city, and probably do not have much better information than you all have.

But a few fast comments.   A lot is still not known about the fire and the related events.  It now looks like it started in an illegal garbage site near the Druse village of Issawiya on Mt Carmel.  It spread east and the ex-kibbutz of Beit Oren was badly damaged.  The worst part of the tragedy is the death of about 40 prison service cadets on a bus caught in the firestorm.  As fate would have it, most of those cadets are apparently Druse themselves, and had been in a training course to serve as prison wardens and workers. read more…

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