Steve Bronfman

Steve Bronfman is an artist who dabbles in political commentary. He holds a double degree in History and Politics with Honours in religious Studies specializing in the Near East. He dropped out of a Masters program because of the anti-Israel prejudice of the institution, something he has sadly found repeated throughout the world. A passionate "armchair" Zionist he feels it his duty to dispel the many myths propagated by the mainstream media, our politicians and academia about Israel no matter how politically incorrect that is in a post-modern Orwellian West obsessed with self-hate and cultural relativism. A liberal on most issues Steve is the definition of a neo-con.

Facebook and in Bed with Genocidal Jew-Haters?

2010 June 24

How is it possible that in 2010 the opponents of anti-Semitism can be shut down by the “authorities” but the supporters of anti-Semites are allowed to have free reign in the internet and our college campuses with no repercussions for their actions while they spew vicious hatred against Jews? read more…

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