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Sonny Palermo has scribbled columns for Winners Edge, Ring Sports and other magazines, and websites such as The Daily Caller, American Thinker,BlogsLucianneLoves and He has done regular guest appearances on FOX Sports radio in Vegas and nationally on SIRIUS.

MSNBC Outed as Kool-Aid Drinking Obamatrons

2011 May 8

There was a story that got tsunamied by the news out of Pakistan last Sunday.  It was a telling moment deserving of closer inspection. Now that some time has passed, let’s do so.

Seven days a week, intense debate rages in political forums across the land. Loons on the left declare FOX is not a real news station, while conservatives level the same claim against MSNBC. The debate ended last weekend. And, just like in the ratings race, FOX came out the clear winner.

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The Two Faces of CNN – James O’Keefe Not Named Most Intriguing Person of the Day

2011 March 10

CNN Has Two Faces - and They're Both Ugly

Presenting two faces when you only have one is a difficult contortion, but standard fare at CNN.

Their first face, and truest, is the leftist one, displayed in abundance during their daily broadcasts.  The second is their fraudulent face, that of an unbiased provider of news. read more…

The Beginning of the End for the Butcher Khadafy?

2011 February 24

There seems to be some confusion over the spelling of the Libyan dictator’s name:

Gadhafi? Gaddafi? Khaddafy? Kaddafi? Qaddafi?

Allow me to be of assistance.  It’s M-u-r-d-e-r-e-r.

And his first name isn’t Moammar, Muammar or Moamar.  It’s M-a-s-s.

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MSNBC – The Manson of Cable News, Shamelessly Instigating Race Wars Since 2008

2011 February 18
Helter Skelter: It’s Not Coming Down Fast Enough for Race Baiting MSNBC

It’s clear to see from the daily parade of left-wing loon guests brought in from Media Matters,, Daily Kos, Salon, etc., that the “S” in MSNBC stands for Soros.

Does the “M” stand for Manson?

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Colbert Lives: The Report Distributes Not-So-Subliminal Messages on the Muslim Brotherhood

2011 February 4

Exposed! Leftist Media Puppets

John Carpenter’s They Live is a blend of politics, sci-fi and humor. The world is populated by aliens masquerading as humans while plotting a takeover of the planet. A special pair of sunglasses allows humans to see the aliens as the pop-eyed zombies they really are and the subliminal messages they have planted throughout the culture, on billboards, in magazines and on TV: OBEY, SUBMIT TO AUTHORITY, HAVE NO INDEPENDENT THOUGHT.

Life imitates art. The aliens are here. They live among us. They look like you and me, but they’re not.  They are positioning themselves for global domination. They are the Socialist Left, and like the aliens in They Live they insidiously employ pop culture in an attempt to brainwash the masses.

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Huffington Post’s Roy Sekoff – Color Blind and Out of Time

2011 January 26

Sekoff, The Blind (and Dumb) Leading No One

Keeping a watchful eye on the leftist media is an agonizing though necessary task, but suffering through The Joy Behar Show is a dirty job I wouldn’t wish on Mike Rowe. This week on Behar, Huffington Post editor Roy Sekoff was waxing pseudo-philosophically about Sarah Palin’s use of the term “blood libel” when he spewed this gem:

“Why does the party of the angry white man insist on using these terms about minorities?”

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The Media and the Death of Tucson Victim Dorwan Stoddard – Love Lost in Hate?

2011 January 19

Mavanel and Dorwan Stoddard

What we cannot speak of we must pass over in silence.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

It is evident from the leftist media’s knee-jerk reactions to the Tucson shootings that they hold no truck with Wittgenstein. Void of fact, consumed by ideology, one-by-one the children of an addle brain fell lock-step into the meme, spurred by the ramming-speed rhythm provided by Paul Krugman beating on his New York Times tom-toms:

“Where’s that toxic rhetoric coming from?  Let’s not make a false pretense of balance: it’s coming, overwhelmingly, from the right.”

Nine days removed from the murders Nancy Pelosi dismissively referred to as an accident, the monotonous media mantra marches on unabated: blame the Right then damn the Right, with singular purpose – to eradicate the Right.

Where is the Pied Piper when needed, to lead the rats to sea, to first wallow then drown in their own deceitful contrivance?

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