Which Minority Most Resembles Gays? (It’s Not Blacks…)

2010 September 30

A gay neighborhood?

One thing Ann Coulter said in her remarks to GoProud caught my attention. From the following site:

“Marriage is not a civil right – you’re not black!” Coulter then went on to pontificate upon her view that gays are among the wealthiest demographic in the United States, saying, “Blacks must be looking at the gays saying, ‘Why can’t we be oppressed like that?’”

I’ve long thought about this. Though I question the validity of the statistics I’ve seen that support Coulter’s claim (many of the “figures” from both the Left [Kinsey] and the Right [Paul Cameron] on homosexuality are problematic) my anecdotal eyes confirm that gays, overall, do better than straights, economically. read more…

Thank God For Religious Oddballs

2010 August 20

I want to thank those who commented on my first post for their spirited responses.

I noticed two themes:  One, because of differences between Islam on the one hand and Judaism & Christianity on the other, Islam is unreformable; and two, Christianity never had good reason to begin with to persecute, those things really aren’t in the Bible.

As to the first, let’s concede for the sake of argument that all major prevailing theological interpretations of Islam preach persecution and violence.  Some Islamic theologian comes along teaches Islam, properly understood, really does teach tolerance and rights for other religions.  They are treated by mainstream Islam like oddballs and their teachings fail to reform.

Now, I’m not a Muslim and I don’t know the Koran well enough to explain how the interpretations of the faith would make reform work.  However,  I do know the Bible quite well and have mastered the history of evolution of ideas of tolerance and religious rights within Christendom and I can attest it wasn’t so easy to bring religious rights to Christendom either.

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Hope For An Islamic Reformation?

2010 August 18

This site has debated whether Islam, because of its nature, itself is the problem or rather, certain strains within the faith.  I have no desire to debate the proposition as a matter of description.  I don’t know details of the faith meticulously well enough to throw my hat in.  Though, if David Swindle and Robert Spencer are right (as they may well be) then it’s truly sad.  There are well over a billion self defining Muslims in the world, more than a nominal number of whom live in the United States.  Our allies in the Middle East self identify as “Muslims.”  Muslims are in the military (hopefully) fighting for our side.  And I know personally folks (one of whose favorite TV show is Will & Grace) who self identify as Muslims and who on the surface have no seeming desire to do what those 19 hijackers did.  It would be terrible if our fight were with all of “them” as opposed to certain extremist strains within Islam. read more…

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