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Palin Nails It: the American Apologists Have Never Met a Bill They Have Read

2010 May 18

Sarah Palin sometimes has impeccable timing.  Today she posted on Facebook that:

the American Apology Tour continues.

That is both true and unfortunate of course and you can read her post in it’s entirety here. read more…

Sarah Palin Surprise Support of Fiorina: No Wimps Allowed!

2010 May 6

It was but seventy seven years ago that Wimpy murmured to Popeye the Sailor man: “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”.   Particularly apt this afternoon because Californians are wondering if today is Carly Fiorina’s “Tuesday.” read more…

The Wild West is Back on Twitter: Sharpton & Hill Ride to our “Rescue”

2010 May 5

The state of Arizona caught a “lucky” break lately, in the form of BP’s inability to cap their oil leak and the FBI’s “car 54 where are you?” approach to apprehending Faisal Shahzad of Times Square-attempted-SUV-bombing fame.   This is obviously a facetious statement, as the oil spill and NY terrorism attempts are both horrible stories.

But those stories along with the unfortunate Tennessee flooding  have  temporarily diverted the reliably left leaning mediaand the pathetically progressive O administration.   Before bigger stories broke, the mainstream media and the Obama-ites had been railing against  the blatant gall of Arizona to do the work that the federal government should have been doing all along.  Namely working to stem the tide of illegal immigration across our southern border. read more…

Sarah Palin Email Hacker Convicted – Lamestream Media Doesn’t Stop the Presses

2010 April 30

The jury returned a ” guilty” verdict against a Tennessee politico’s spawn on two of the four hacking related charges.  David Kernall was accused of hacking into her email during the campaign and then releasing info, documents and pictures to the media.

From Sarah Palin’s facebook page this afternoon:

“My family and I are thankful that the jury thoroughly and carefully weighed the evidence and issued a just verdict.” read more…

Lost Girl Happy Ending: Miracle or Man-Made … Does it Matter?

2010 April 26

In the last 24 hours I’ve seen two different television pieces about the little lost Florida girl.  11-year-old, mildly autistic Nadia Bloom had spent four days lost in dangerous gator infested swampland before being rescued by a volunteer searcher.

The TV interviews offer the first real insight into Nadia, who seems to be a precocious but regular kid.  The young Miss Bloom wears glasses and plastic headbands and just wanted to do a little exploring before her nightmarish 96 hour odyssey started.

America had watched as Nadia’s parents referenced their faith and belief in God while they waited for word about their little girl.  What America may not know is that read more…

National “Insulting to Women” Day … Thanks But No Thanks

2010 April 21

Today is National Administrative Professional’s Day.  There is much that bothers me about this.  This “holiday” started in 1952 as Secretary’s Day, and was designed to recognize the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals.

This has to be the most misguided and sexist holiday ever.  Regardless of the ridiculous fact that the holiday name was eventually converted in our politically correct world to the more “acceptable, non-offensive” Administrative Professional … it is still offensive.   It is offensive to women.  The entire notion is pejorative in its very nature. read more…

A Twitter Distraction: Some Typos are Worse than Others

2010 April 19

Some days we all just need a stupid distraction or two.  So I’m sharing this little tidbit with you today:

Recipe Typo Calls for “Freshly Ground Black People”

Yessiree  Bob, an Australian publisher is reprinting 7,000 cookbooks over a recipe for pasta with “salt and freshly ground black people.”

Penguin Group Australia’s head of publishing, Bob Sessions, acknowledged the proofreader for the Pasta Bible should have picked up the error. The recipe for spelt tagliatelle with sardines and prosciutto was supposed to call for…black pepper.

“We’re mortified that this has become an issue of any kind.”

The reprint will cost Penguin 20,000 Australian dollars ($18,500), but books already in stores will not be recalled because doing so would be “extremely hard,” Sessions said.

Hmmm, yes I can image that it would be.

A Twitter Reminder: VAT Tax Bandaid a Big Mistake!

2010 April 16

I have long admired Jack Welch.  I worked for one of his companies for a number of years and discovered Jack’s commitment to accountability, strategic improvement, personal development and growing the bottom line.

Jack Welch preached transparency long before it was an Obama buzzword – the difference between Welch and the big O is that at the GE companies transparency was actually practiced.

Long way of saying that when Jack Welch tweets, I tend to listen.  Yesterday he posted:

Don’t fall for a VAT tax plan “to get us out of hole”..It is a politicians dream PIGGY BANK

Ahhhhh, the new national ostensibly-hidden tax.  Jack’s right of course.  The fact that the VAT tax is so popular in Europe is precisely the reason that we should be running in the other direction.   One of the VAT tax risks is that it is mildly difficult to understand and even trickier for consumers to track.  But make no mistake, the VAT tax is one of the signs of the American apocalypse.

Today’s Tweet: Transportation Chief LaHood’s Focus is Two Wheels Short of Full Load

2010 April 14

News reports broke yesterday about  Toyota’s latest blunder.  The  Toyota owned 2010 Lexus GX 460SUVwas cited as “unsafe” by Consumer Reports.  Serious handling problems that could cause rollovers in the vehicles compelled Toyota to pull the pricey models off the market immediately.

A thoughtful American might imagine that the compounding safety issues in thousands of cars would be important to the Department of Transportation.  Injuries, class action lawsuits, ambulance chasers & liability questions swirl around as drivers begin to ponder their own purchases and safety.

But the afore-mentioned American would be wrong.  read more…

Tweeter Tells It Like It Is: Progressives Too Dopey To Make Their Own Decisions

2010 April 13

You ever have the feeling that something you suspect can’t possibly be true… because it’s just too sad?  Leftist Kevin Drum wrote moments ago that MORE government involvement is a good thing because it relieves us from that pesky decision making.  Seriously?  Oh Kevin,  give me a damn break.  Too true, too lame, too predictable.

The ever so progressive Mr. Drum is spouting the party line with this gem:

one of the primary causes of personal stress is decisionmaking, and modern life jacks that up every time we’re forced to make yet another goddam decision. Do we really want to have to decide if we want the bread or do we just want to enjoy dinner? Do we want a dozen different options on our flight, or would we rather just buy a ticket that includes all the usual stuff? read more…

Twitter Today: ‘Fair Pay’ Tough to Swallow Unless You Are Andy Stern

2010 April 12

Under the best of circumstances it’s not easy to swallow the “guidance” from the leadership at the SEIU.  This is not the best of  circumstances.

Now the thugs, goons and sledgehammer swingers who provide the muscle for Service Employees International Union head Andy Stern have proven themselves even more tone deaf  than usual.

I was thinking earlier today about reports that your friendly neighborhood socialist SEIU prez earns a cool $300,000+ in annual compensation, the union EVP pocketing a quick $242,286, and  secretary-treasurer Anna Burger’s paltry salary of $252,724.  Not chump change by any stretch.  ‘Repping  “the working men & women” of America is a pretty lucrative gig!

Nary a peep nor tweep about those numbers of course, but no strangers to irony those union folk.  They instead tweeted:

Tell the NY Realty Advisory Board to support fair pay & benefits for NYC’s apt. building service workers: #unions

Turns out that the contract for 30,000 New Yorkers who work in the city’s apartment buildings is about to expire.  And the NYC building owners association has proposed horrid contract changes.  Horrid I say!  Draconian stuff like:

  • making them pay $100 a month for health insurance
  • reducing the number of paid sick days down to 5
  • reducing overtime

I don’t know how the building workers union could survive such horribly egregious reductions.  I mean for gosh sakes, it’s not like the rest of America is struggling.  Insert tongue in cheek here.

On the other hand, since the SEIU is all about supporting fair pay, the building owners may well consider themselves lucky.  Just ask Andy Stern about his idea of  fair pay.

Alterman on “Climate Change”: You are Too Stupid to Understand

2010 April 8

After his years of association with MSNBC, following tenure at Rolling Stone & Mother Jones, it should come as no surprise that Eric Alterman would tweet and ostensibly believe this:

stupid people are defining what people know about global warming

and thank God that we have professional progressives like Alterman and his pals at Media Matters to set us straight.  read more…

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