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How The Left Has Devastated The Black Community [2 Videos]

2011 May 16

David Horowitz’s powerful speech at UCLA last week cemented my belief that the black community in America has been devastated by left-wing policies and ideas. Horowitz spoke on a wide variety of issues including Israel, radical indoctrination at the University and the uncivil scare tactics student groups and professors use to silence him (David Swindle wrote this article about the entire event at NRB and Mark Tapson had a write-up here at FPM.) However, the most poignant moment of the night came at the question and answer period, when Horowitz engaged in a dialogue with a couple of black students from the Afrikan Students Union. read more…

Is It the GOP’s Fault Leftists Are Abandoning Israel?

2011 May 2

There are times when those on the Left arise to defend Israel and end up proving, ironically, that American liberalism’s break with the Jewish state is real and dramatic.

Jeffrey Goldberg’s recent article defending Israel’s “special relationship” with the U.S. is one such example. He correctly identifies “liberals” as the demographic that is abandoning Israel, but thinks they have legitimate grievances against the Jewish state. In addition, he wrongly blames the growing partisan divide with regards to Israel on a ploy by Netanyahu and the Republicans. The fact that Republican pro-Israel pronouncements are enough to make leftists feel squeamish about sharing the pro-Israel space tells you all you need to know about the depth–or lack thereof–of the Left’s commitment to Israel.

read more…

Glenn Beck Continues His Unwavering Support for Israel with Passover Seder

2011 April 22

For the last few weeks I have been writing about Glenn Beck’s unwavering support of Israel, and his impressive knowledge and insight about the Jewish State’s dynamic history. Well, I’m glad to report that earlier this week Beck continued his staunch support of Israel, and also spoke about the lessons and values of Judaism. That’s right. Tuesday night, Glenn Beck played the part of a Rabbi giving a sermon or a Hebrew school teacher giving a lesson, as he spoke beautifully about the Passover Seder in detail. In fact, he sat down at his own authentic Seder, complete with Matzah, gefilta fish, maror, Karpas and more. read more…

Glenn Beck–The Most Pro-Israel Host on Cable News–Will be Missed

2011 April 7

I am saddened to hear that Glenn Beck will be ending his show with Fox News later this year. As the most hated cable news host among the Left—and especially leftist Jews—Beck has emerged as the mediums most pro-Israel commentator. This was very welcome news for me, as when he first began broadcasting for Fox News a few years ago he focused almost exclusively on domestic issues, advocating strict libertarian policies for America. read more…

The Easiest Way to Get Under Leftist Jews’ Skin

2011 March 30

You know what really gets under the skin of liberal Jews? Reminding them that Israel’s most reliable supporters are Christian conservatives.

Sunday night I attended a dinner for the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) where Mike Pence was one of the keynote speakers. Pence spoke beautifully about how he was raised to admire the Jewish state. read more…

The Top 5 Hate-Mongers I Witnessed at the Los Angeles Anti-War Rally

2011 March 25

For too long we have been lied to about the Left in America. We have been told that leftists are peaceful, open-minded, mainstream and tolerant. We have repeatedly been told that it is conservatives who are mean-spirited, violent, aggressive and close-minded. Progressives would have us believe that it is the political Right that harbors America’s radicals, crazies and extremists. read more…

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Pink Floyd Rocker Roger Waters Shows his Hypocrisy with Israel “Boycott”

2011 March 17

Everyone knows that Israel is currently threatened by terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah — both supported by the virulently anti-Israel Iranian regime. But what many do not know is that Israel is also under attack in a cultural war which seeks to destroy her by way of boycotts and divestments. The freest state in the Middle East is under attack from “peace activists,” pro-Palestinian organizations, professors and others who seek to starve Israel economically. But perhaps the most troubling trend in recent months is the popular entertainers who are refusing to perform in the only Jewish country in the world. read more…

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