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J Street’s Evil New Sibling: “Move Over AIPAC”

2011 April 23

We all know by now that J-Street is the anti-Israel “peace” group that pretends it is pro-Israel, and exists primarily to give the Obama administration a cover to say that its policies have the support of the Jewish community.  But its existence, evidently, is not enough for the legions of American and foreign leftists who seek to create an openly anti-Israel new organization, one that seeks to delegitimize Israel and which hopes for its destruction. These people have now created such a group, which they call “Move Over AIPAC.” read more…

Pete Seeger: Useful Idiot for the BDS Movement

2011 March 25

With the recent announcement by Pete Seeger that he joined and endorsed the BDS movement to delegitimize Israel (Boycott, Disinvest and Sanctions), Seeger has finally jeopardized any claim he might have had to be known as a supporter of reconciliation, tolerance, justice and peace. read more…

The Latest Outrage from France: The Screed from Stephane Hessel

2011 March 15

The new “publishing phenomenon” in France, as Elaine Sciolino calls it in The New York Times, is Stephane Hessel’s manifesto, Indignez-Vous, or as it is called in the new American publicationA Time for Outrage. A scant 14 pages of text, the pamphlet — a more accurate name for it than a book — has sold 600,000 copies in France in a three month period that began last October.  One can also read it in a recent issue of The Nation, although the magazine has it behind a firewall. The introduction to the book by Charles Glass, however, isavailable at their website.

read more…

Another American Spy for the Soviets Dies … and the Left Regards Her as a Hero

2011 March 8

Every day, it seems, The New York Times reports on the death of another American Communist, or an American Communist who saw fit to join up with the KGB as an espionage agent for Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union. This time, the obituary by Sam Roberts is about Judith Coplon, who over sixty years ago was arrested by the FBI in a classic sting operation. The Bureau’s agents, having received solid data from the then secret Venona decrypts of KGB messages from Moscow Central to its American agents, fed her false data about atomic power. As they hoped, the 27-year-old Coplon, who was then working at the Justice Department as a political analyst, took off to meet her lover and handler, KGB agent Valentin A. Gubitchev, to whom she planned to hand over the materials. read more…

An Academic Scholar Alerts His Colleagues to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Danger

2011 February 4

Academics are finally learning why, at the present moment, the Muslim Brotherhood is in a good position to win a major political victory once the Mubarak regime collapses. In the latest issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education,  Daniel Byman, a professor in the Security Studies program at Georgetown University, writes: “In the short term at least, and perhaps for much longer, Egypt’s politics are tilted against the more liberal and democratic elements of Egyptian society and in favor of the country’s Islamists.” read more…

Glenn Beck, Frances Fox Piven, and how the New York Times Falsely Depicts the Controversy

2011 January 23

Death threats are no small matter, and are to be taken very seriously. I know how upsetting they can be because in the 80’s, I was subject to them myself. After The Rosenberg File was published and received a favorable front page review by Alan Dershowitz in The New York Times Book Review, I began to get phone calls threatening me and my family, many of them around 3 am in the morning.  One caller told me “I know where your children live and their school schedule, and you and they better watch out, because we will get you.” I phoned the police who came to my apartment the next day, and we discussed if there was any way to identify the callers and put a stop to them. read more…

A Misguided Attack on Stanley Kurtz’s “Radical-in-Chief” and Other anti-Obama Books

2010 October 27

I knew that Stanley Kurtz’s new and important book, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism, would be the subject of attack. I predicted that at first, the mainstream press would either ignore it, or if they find that they could not, would seek to go on the offense by comparing it to the score of rather knee-jerk screeds written against Obama by other conservatives, many of them rather easy to ridicule, dismiss and demonize. read more…

Pete Seeger’s Continuing Naivete on How to Achieve Peace

2010 October 23

Despite his apparent good will in refusing the pleas of the far Left anti-Israeli activists, Pete Seeger’s decision to participate via the Internet on a world-wide Peace in the Middle East Rally emanating in Israel, the noted folksinger is only revealing his naiveté. read more…

Not in Our Name: The “One Nation” March – Today’s Trade Unions, and the Left

2010 October 4

There was a time when the mainstream trade union movement confined itself to union concerns—a union contract that guaranteed a decent standard of living, and in turn for a negotiated agreement with the corporation, guaranteed labor stability and productivity. Large corporations learned quickly, as did the leadership of General Electric in the 1930’s, that signing with the union, even as in their case a Communist led union, meant the opportunity for both profits and economic growth. The stockholders were more than pleased, and the workers represented by the union achieved their rather minimal aims. read more…

A Washington DC Play and Forum NRB Readers Should Consider Attending

2010 October 2

The following is not so much of a blog post, but an announcement about a discussion taking place in Washington, D.C., tomorrow night, (Saturday, Oct.2) at 9:30 pm after the 8 p.m. performance at Theater J in Washington, D.C.

NRB readers in the D.C. area might well want to attend, so I’m posting this on the site for readers to know of its occurrence. PJTV will be videotaping it for future posting on the website, but those who come will have a chance to take part in the discussion, which promises to be somewhat charged. read more…

How to Make Sure the Flight of the Intellectuals does not Become the Flight of the Conservatives

2010 July 17


You identify four forces that should be educated about the very real threat posed by radical Islam, or  Islamofascism- or whatever term one chooses to call those who subscribe to its theories. The best place to start to learn about it is Jeffrey Herf’s important book, Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World, and Paul Berman’s new book on the failure of American intellectuals to oppose the threat, The Flight of the Intellectuals. Together, these two books clearly identify the importance of understanding what we in the West face. read more…

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