Robert Owens

I See Your Hiroshima and Raise You a Nagasaki

2010 October 22

I do not lightly use the names of the only cities in history obliterated by the use of atomic weapons. The nature of the cause in which they forever stand as sentinels of determination precludes their use for any profane purpose. I wouldn’t use such loaded terms unless the issue at hand wasn’t equally as momentous within the flow of American History.

Hearing the voice of the people on November 3rd, President Obama ought to pivot to the Center after the coming Tea Party driven Republican resurgence. The Chat-o-crats of talk radio and the 24 hour cable news cycle debate endlessly whether he will imitate Bill Clinton who suddenly switched from his drive to socialize America into a born-again reformer bellowing “The Era of Big Government is over” to ensure that he was still relevant. However, there’s a significant difference between the man from Hope and the purveyor of hope and change. Bill Clinton is a pragmatist willing to do whatever it takes to stay in front of any crowd so he can call it a parade and look like the Grand Marshal. President Obama is an ideologue with an iron-clad agenda and, as his most admirable trait, an iron determination to stand by his convictions. Instead of pivoting Mr. Obama will unveil the Imperial Presidency hidden in those thousand-page bills no one reads.  read more…

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Conservatives Have to Understand what Marxists Understood Long Ago: Change Starts With Students

2010 September 28

Marxists believe in “False Consciousness.” It’s part of their theory of class warfare. False Consciousness is the belief that through the long-term and systemic misrepresentation of reality by the dominant class, the consciousness of the subordinate class is warped in such a way they cannot perceive they’re being exploited.

Marx based his work on the economic relationships he perceived as the true foundation of society. This system teaches that everyone’s class is determined by their ownership of property. Although an atheistic philosophy, Marxism does address the non-physical side of life believing everyone’s personality is made up of their perceptions, thoughts, and emotions. These form the world-view or paradigm by which they interpret and understand the world. read more…

Dream From Our Forefathers

2010 September 19

What is the American Dream? When asked this question most people today are programmed to say “To own your own home.” That may be Freddie and Fannie’s dream. That may be the bubble inflating vote buying politician’s choice for our dream, but that isn’t the American Dream. Owning your own home isn’t the dream people sailed in tiny leaking over-crowded wooden ships across oceans to find. Owning your own home isn’t the dream people fought the Revolution to win and other wars to preserve. We the descendants of the pioneers have been sold a bill of goods. We have embraced a culture of hedonism and self-indulgence financed with a borrowed credit card. read more…

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