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Distractions, Distractions: False Reporting by an EMILY’s List Spy at Smart Girl Summit

2010 October 6

Image from an EMILY’s List ad about mama grizzlies

Let’s jump right into this. The left is officially so desperate to pick up votes that they have stooped to using distracting, divisive issues to move attention away from the defining issue of this election cycle: THE ECONOMY.

In Louisiana, Democrat strategists on going on record saying that they will use race to convince voters in New Orleans why they should vote against Vietnamese Republican Congressman, Joseph Cao and instead select an African-American Democratic State Representative, Cedric Richmond,—because he’s “black  like them”.

In my home state of Arkansas, the Democratic Party sent out a release Monday night demanding an apology of Republican Congressman John Boozman for laughing at a conservative commentator’s remarks to a tea party rally.

Really? Are we really chasing cameras to see “who laughs at what jokes”, now? Man, they must REALLY think Senator Lincoln is in trouble.

And, then there’s the reason I’m writing this article in the first place. Just days ago, I delivered two speeches to the Smart Girl Politics Summit, a gathering of conservative women around the country.

Far-left feminist group, EMILY’s List, sent an intern to spy on this summit and to film most of our addresses. In doing so, the intern returned to the EMILY’s List “powers that be” and FALSELY reported that I called pro-choice women “freaks of nature.” read more…

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