Nidra Poller

More on Glenn Beck’s European Blind Spot

2010 March 10

Glenn Beck, like so many American personalities, doesn’t have a clue about Europe. His example for France is so skewed I don’t know where to begin.

The low ratings of President Sarkozy can be explained by a combination of forces:
1. He is massacred daily by the mass media–journalists are about 90% on the Left.
2. Since the Left has no program worth presenting, they have put all their efforts on one issue–anti-Sarkozy
3. Sarkozy is considered to be Jewish by the Far Left and the jihadis
4. Sarkozy has tried, meekly, to make some changes in the rigid French economic system which is based on Socialist principles
5. The economic crisis and the abiding rigidity of the French system have stumped his economic reform program read more…

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