Miranda Silver

Miranda’s Brave New Pantry, Part 1: Cheese Danish Vs Jihad

2010 April 19

The Cheese Danish.

This delicious breakfast treat is doing its part in the war against tyranny.

The Muslim Jihadists don’t just want to take away our freedom they also want to take away our tasty goodies.  Take the Danish.  It is indeed from Denmark, and it’s recently been at war with Muslim Jihadists. Apparently, in 2006 due to the Jyllands-Posten cartoons depicting Mohammed, the confectioner’s union of Iran decided to rename this pastry the “Rose of the Prophet Mohammed.”  Now does that sound like something you would want to eat? So, in the spirit of free speech and freedom from tyranny in general, I give you a delicious recipe for Cheese Danish. read more…

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