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Michael Finch is the Chief of Operations of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and a contributor to FrontPage Magazine and NewsReal Blog.

Ronald Reagan at 100: Remembrances of a Giant among Men

2011 February 6

When my mother shook me awake, to not only let me know it was time for school, but to announce that Jimmy Carter had just been elected President of the United States, even at 15 years of age, I knew this was not good news for America.  It wasn’t that I was waiting breathlessly for Gerald Ford — who was?  But what captured my 15 year old emerging political and patriotic heart during the Republican primary was Ronald Reagan. read more…

Our Raucous Democracy, The Blame Game and the Arizona Shooting

2011 January 9

What a relief! President Obama can pull FBI Director Mueller back from Arizona and call off the investigation into the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords. The smoking gun has been found.

It is obvious after listening to the Sunday morning news shows that the shooter had been listening to conservative talk radio, was heavily influences by the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, loose gun laws in Arizona, and the hate discourse that is created by right wing organizations and politicians. Sherlock Holmes has nothing over David Gregory. read more…

Obama’s “Tear Down This Wall” Moment

2010 November 28

Perhaps it is a blessing that North Koreans do not have access to the outside world and its news, particularly pronouncements from United States Presidents.  In the grip of one of, if not the most, tyrannical, brutal most repressive regimes in the world and in the face of the latest North Korean generated crises, the North Koreans missed the squeamish and passive Barack Obama “statement” on the Korean crises.

The North Koreans are going through a leadership transition fraught with difficulties and peril.  The Korean people have suffered through decades of famine, gulags and repression that would make Mao and Stalin proud.  The world has passed them by. Even China and Russia have stopped the open subsidizing that propped them up for 50 years.  Korea is on the brink.  The leaders know it, the military knows it and even the people must have a clue. read more…

America Triumphant

2010 June 26

The New York Times Has a Freudian Slip on Geert Wilders’ Victory

2010 June 12

One can always count on the New York Times to be biased and boringly predicable —  traits which have rendered it to be the one thing it must dread becoming: irrelevant.

The Times article on the recent Dutch elections does not disappoint.  Dutch elections would normally not garner even a back page passing reference, but when candidate Geert Wilders finishes a strong third place, doubling Party of Freedom parliamentary count to 24 seats, the world, and the Times, pays attention. read more…

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