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USS Cesar Chavez? Why Not the USS Saul Alinsky?

2011 May 18

Incredibly, the U.S. Navy has decided to name a cargo ship after the guy who came up with the Obama campaign slogan, “Yes, we can!” That man is the late labor agitator and community organizer Cesar Chavez. Chavez’s union, the United Farm Workers, used the saying he coined as its official motto. (In Spanish, “¡Sí se puede!”) read more…

Revealing the Truth about ACORN’s Future on the G. Gordon Liddy Show

2011 May 16

ACORN is far, far worse than everything you’ve heard. It celebrates and promotes the worst pathologies in society in an effort to kill the American experiment in self-governance.

And the rumors of ACORN’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The radical group declared bankruptcy at the end of 2010, but its leaders acknowledge that they are building a new network of activist groups to continue ACORN’s work undermining America’s free institutions. read more…

Why Aren’t Community Organizers in Prison Where They Belong?: ‘Subversion Inc.’ Book Preview (Part 4 of 4)

2011 May 12

From Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, by Matthew Vadum (WND Books):

ACORN’s anti-democratic, un-American activities are not legitimate political advocacy protected by the First Amendment. They cry out for prosecution under federal racketeering laws. [The push for a racketeering probe got a boost in April 2011 when ACORN was convicted in a massive voter fraud conspiracy in Nevada. The felony conviction came after the book had gone to press. -MV]

Former Chicago ACORN leader Madeline Talbott is a master of the bank shakedown. She bragged about “dragging banks kicking and screaming” into questionable loans. Talbott thought highly of Barack Obama’s organizing work in the Windy City and invited him to lecture her staffers. She also led a mob attack on the Chicago City Council during a “living wage” debate. ACORN demonstrators “pushed over the metal detector and table used to screen visitors, backed police against the doors to the council chamber, and blocked late-arriving aldermen and city staff from entering the session.” Six people, including a defiant Talbott, were led away in handcuffs. read more…

ACORN’s Charismatic Cult Leader Embraces Political Violence and Cyberterrorism: ‘Subversion Inc.’ Book Preview (Part 3 of 4)

2011 May 11

From Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, by Matthew Vadum (WND Books):

Community organizing guru Saul Alinsky’s lust for violence was not lost on ACORN founder Wade Rathke (pictured above).

Rathke is usually quite careful about what he says in public. He soft-pedals his radicalism with positive-sounding phrases such as “citizen wealth” and “participatory democracy,” but from time to time even a master manipulator can slip up. His essay “Tactical Tension” is a case in point. It dates back to mid-2001 when the Left was in a stupor.

Liberal and radical activists were angry and demoralized because their would-be savior, Democratic candidate Al Gore, had just barely lost the presidency to George W. Bush. Although there has never been any credible evidence that Republicans stole the election, it became an article of faith on the Left that the GOP had deprived the American people of their rightful president. Many on the Left had high hopes for Gore after Bill Clinton tacked toward the political center and now those hopes were dashed.

To this perceived affront to democracy, Wade Rathke offered his comrades a declaration of war. His militant rant is very revealing.

Rathke argues that the Left is losing and needs to get more aggressive.

“We need an edge, some harder steel on the rim,” he writes. “If some day we want to make more just laws, then today we may have to just learn to break more laws.” In a “wish list,” he includes “[t]actics that include civil disobedience and political defiance” and “[t]actics that include extra-legal activity.”

He praises the rioters in Seattle during the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting as “progressive forces.” Their civil disturbances were “a colorful, exciting, smoky, hazy amalgamation of helmeted police, broken glass, and righteous rage.” He continues admiringly, “Dispersed affinity groups operating on ‘street’ consensus [were] making a range of tactical decisions and holding ground in a way that made the momentum of the actions impossible to immobilize in spite of rain, gas, and cops.”

Rathke then attempts a delicate rhetorical balancing act, denouncing violent tactics in general while at the same time advocating specific examples of it: “We do not embrace violence, quite the contrary, but we need to create chemistry containing the elements of more explosive combinations in order to create more force and power through the equations of action and reaction that we push to the target.”

Despite this perfunctory condemnation of violence that fosters an illusion of respectability, the rest of the essay is filled with explicit endorsements of violent and illegal tactics. He praises the violent Black Panther Party of the 1960s and longs for some computer hackers to come to the aid of the labor movement.

Crazy, computer viruses are started by young kids around the world or hackers bored out of their skulls that live right down the street. As union organizers we are still doing 8 point difficulty dumpster dives for alpha lists of employees, when theoretically some good geeks could tap in, load up, and download the whole thing and throw it over our transom window. What a waste of talent when such a huge contribution could be made to the labor movement.

“Simply put, why isn’t there more ‘monkey wrenching’ in our world? Where is our Earth First!” he writes. Monkey-wrenching is a form of eco-terrorism or ecotage (eco-sabotage) that consists of harming the economic interests of those who are perceived threats to the environment. It might be arson, destruction of crops or sport utility vehicle dealerships, bombing, or tree-spiking, in which an activist drives metal rods into trees in order to prevent them from being cut down for commercial use. Tree-spiking has led to the injury and death of lumberjacks.

It further enrages Rathke that some of ACORN’s targets have not only defended themselves but have dared to fight back. ACORN’s founding Caudillo-in-Chief, whose stock-in-trade is thuggery, denounces these acts of self-defense as “intimidation.” Some targets filed lawsuits against ACORN “designed to sap resources and chill membership organized campaigns,” he huffs.

The nerve of those people! Hmpf.

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ACORN’s Patron Saint Saul Alinsky Loved Violence: ‘Subversion Inc.’ Book Preview (Part 2 of 4)

2011 May 10

From Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, by Matthew Vadum (WND Books):

For ACORN, anything goes, from rude protests to crude intimidation and violence. The bigger, the louder, the more obnoxious, the more destructive, the better. ACORN founder Wade Rathke summed up ACORN’s approach to doing business in a single sentence: “One can almost taste the adrenaline when people take a crowbar to a door and pop it open to begin squatting.” ACORN leadership doesn’t care if people get hurt or property is damaged: as long as the action advances the cause, it’s fair game. read more…

The Urban Terrorists of ACORN: ‘Subversion Inc.’ Book Preview (Part 1 of 4)

2011 May 9

From Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, by Matthew Vadum (WND Books):

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is part political group, part crime syndicate, part terrorist organization. Much of the time it operates outside the legitimate political process, waging war against the framework of society. ACORN is in the business of subverting the American system, so what Americans saw on the undercover “pimp and pro” videos released in 2009 was just another day at the office at ACORN.

But the darkest side of ACORN has remained largely unexplored – until now. read more…

Obama’s Speed of Light Incompetence on the Aftermath of OBL’s Death

2011 May 5

By the time you read this blog post, it will be hopelessly out of date. That’s how fast the story of the Obama administration’s appallingly incompetent handling of the aftermath of the Osama bin Laden assassination is moving.  In all my years observing American politics I’ve never seen anything even remotely like this. It’s not just a train wreck viewed in slow motion, it’s a midair collision of all the airplanes used in “The Aviator.”

read more…

Obama got Osama bin Laden. Good for him BUT…

2011 May 2

Under President Obama’s watch, Osama bin Laden has been killed by U.S. forces abroad. Americans and everyone who values Western civilization should rejoice. And make no mistake, even though he had to be dragged kicking and screaming into action against the Islamic fundamentalists, President Obama deserves credit for ridding the world of this Islamofascist monster. (President George W. Bush also deserves credit –maybe even more credit– but that is a discussion for another day.) It is an important victory in a war that the president had no interest in waging. It is also probably just about the only thing he’s done that’s good for America, especially after the previous Democratic president let bin Laden go.

So President Obama has done a great thing. No doubt about it. But that doesn’t make him Captain America suddenly.

Making bin Laden a grease spot does not take away from the fact that President Obama does not believe in America, at least not in the way most Americans believe in America. To him, America’s not a big deal.

The president believes in American exceptionalism but only in a perfunctory way, that is, in a way that drains all meaning from the phrase. “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism,” he said.

In other words, America is just another country, no better or worse than any other. (Except for Israel, of course. Obama has made it clear he doesn’t think Israel should exist.) This is the vision of the multiculturalist, the cultural relativist who cares nothing about America’s unique heritage and unparalleled respect for the rights of the individual.

President Obama has made it clear that he does not believe in limited government. In fact, he mocks the strictures that America’s Constitution places on government and has devoted considerable resources to getting around that noble document. His horrific Obamacare legislation is just one example.

The president will get a bounce in public opinion polls. It may even last for months. But never forget that America is in a sad state today because of the policies Obama and people like Obama support. Inflation is rising because the Fed, with Obama’s blessing, has been running the printing presses day and night. Energy prices are rising because Marxist environmentalist policies won’t allow American companies to drill for oil or open new refineries. As more and more families have trouble paying for the basics of human life, they will remember whose policies are making their lives difficult.

To repeat, killing Osama bin Laden is a major accomplishment for the Obama administration and Americans should rejoice but it doesn’t make up for the damage that the Community Organizer-in-Chief has done to the country and to America’s standing in the world.

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It’s May Day! The International Observance Where Community Organizers Celebrate Trampling Our Liberties

2011 May 1

It’s May Day, an international day of celebration for community organizers and other communists everywhere. What’s that? You say it’s unfair for me to label ACORN and its supporters in the media, academia, and the White House as communists? read more…

Obama Rewards Big Labor for Its Loyalty

2011 May 1

This post was first published here on April 28, 2009.

The Obama administration has broken yet another campaign promise.  Far-left Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is rolling back requirements for labor unions to publicly disclose financial data, including the salaries of union bosses.

Why is this important?

Because it allows labor unions to run roughshod over the rights of their members. While businesses remain heavily regulated, labor unions get off easy. As the Washington Times reports:

The Labor Department noted in a recent disclosure that “it would not be a good use of resources” to bring enforcement actions against union officials who do not comply with conflict of interest reporting rules passed in 2007. Instead, union officials will now be allowed to file older, less detailed conflict reports.

The regulation, known as the LM-30 rule, was at the heart of a lawsuit that the AFL-CIO filed against the department last year. One of the union attorneys in the case, Deborah Greenfield, is now a high-ranking deputy at Labor, who also worked on the Obama transition team on labor issues.

Labor officials declined to say whether she played a role in the new policy, noting that Ms. Greenfield is abiding by all government ethics rules. In court filings, she and other union attorneys called the 2007 rules “onerous.”

The Labor Department also is rescinding another key labor financial disclosure regulation. The expansion of the so-called LM-2 rule, approved during the last days of the Bush administration, requires unions to report more information about finances and labor leaders’ compensation on annual reports.

The hard work of President Bush’s labor secretary, Elaine Chao, is in the process of being reversed by the Obama administration. Unlike Hilda Solis, Elaine Chao understood that the function of the Department of Labor is to police abuses both by unions and businesses. Chao liked to point out that her agency was the Department of Labor, not the Department of Unions.

While Chao was in charge of the Department of Labor, the Office of Labor Management Standards uncovered fraud by union officials, “leading to 1,004 indictments with 929 convictions, and recovering more than $93 million on behalf of union members,” writes Philip Klein of the American Spectator. The decision by Solis to let labor unions skimp on public disclosure gives them more power to defraud their membership.

“So much for Obama’s new era of transparency,” adds Klein.

Van Jones’ Twisted Mind: America Has A Culture of Death Because We Use Fossil Fuels

2011 April 22

First, global warming con man Al Gore compared companies’ search for energy to “junkies looking for another vein.” Now self-described communist, Obama pal, and 9/11 truther Van Jones one-ups the master. Jones advances the original but totally absurd argument that oil is “death” and that because we use oil our society is death-centered.

At the recent Commie Con Power Shift conference Jones passionately declared:

We have an energy system, a civilization powered by death. Fueled by death. Why do they call them fossil fuels?
We act shocked, having pulled death out of the ground, that we get death out of the skies. Let’s stop fueling death.

This is an argument fashioned for ignoramuses and morons, who are, of course, Jones’s natural constituency.

Let’s think about his argument. Because we put “dead” stuff like petroleum to productive use instead of leaving it in the ground where it remains useless to human beings, we are exhuming death and shouldn’t be surprised that we “get death out of the skies.”

What does that last part even mean? How are we getting death out of the skies? Don’t we have to wait for most of our food, whether vegetables or meat, to be dead in order to eat it? Doesn’t virtually every living thing on the planet eat things that are dead? Should we be allowed to consume only living things such as yogurt and inanimate things such as water?

How does Jones come up with this bombastic drivel?

And to think, Jones criticized my writing, the wordcraft of a professional who has been writing and getting paid for it for almost a quarter century, calling my work “purple prose.”

This is what Alinskyites like Jones do: they ridicule because they believe, as Alinsky taught, that ridicule is a powerful tool. Saul Alinsky’s fifth rule of “power tactics” from Rules for Radicals is that ridicule “is man’s most potent weapon.” It is a rhetorical weapon of mass destruction. “It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule,” he wrote. “Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.” It is comparatively easy to get away with threatening the enemy. “You can insult and annoy him, but the one thing that is unforgivable and that is certain to get him to react is to laugh at him. This causes irrational anger.”

The problem with this thinking is that once you understand what an Alinskyite like Jones is trying to do, it’s fairly easy not to be bothered by such an attempt at ridicule. You can revel in it and throw it right back at him.

And you should.

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ACORN Convicted In Massive Voter Fraud Conspiracy, Legacy Media Yawns

2011 April 18

If a radical group closely associated with the president of the United States and known for its efforts to undermine American democracy were convicted in a massive voter fraud conspiracy you’d expect to hear something about it from the mainstream media, wouldn’t you? Wrong. Except for the odd report and a few local reports there has been a media blackout. read more…

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