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Obama’s Birthday Fun Lasts Five Days-Maybe He’s Really 13?

2010 August 9

How old is the President?  Rush Limbaugh thinks August 4, the chief’s birthday, may not be correct.

Okay, but what about his emotional age?

Last week marked Obama’s 49th birthday. The celebration began Wednesday evening at a dinner in Chicago with Oprah Winfrey and officially ended on Sunday at the White House with a barbecue. read more…

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Nun Claims the Right is Politicizing a Tragedy, But Who’s the One Using Leftist Language?

2010 August 9

When a tragedy like a fatal car crash hits close to home, you don’t expect it to turn into an intensely heated debate on illegal aliens.

I couldn’t believe my ears as the news announcer said that a drunk driver in Prince William County, Virginia had crashed into a car with three nuns, one of whom I had just seen at Mass a few days before. She is in the hospital in critical condition.

After prior convictions for DUI’s, Carlos Montano was turned over to the Department of Homeland Security and released in 2008 pending deportation. He has been on the streets ever since. Now more details have emerged about federal agencies allowing this man to be a menace to society. read more…

Food Stamps for the Masses While First Family Lives it Up

2010 August 6

A First Family jet-setting from one vacation spot to another while  Americans suffer through unemployment, debt,  frustration, exhaustion and just plain fear of what awaits their children in ten years, has to stop.

Sorry, President and Mrs. Obama, you need to cancel your August 19th one-week getaway to Martha’s Vineyard. We are paying for your Secret Service protection, the official entourage, and gassed up Air Force One whenever you need another romp to Kailua, Asheville, New York City, Marbella, London, Paris and Bar Harbor. read more…

Obamacare Labyrinth is A Healthcare Nightmare

2010 August 4

Oh, the horror, the horror. Even Kevin Hassett from Bloomberg Businessweek calls Representative Kevin Brady’s (R-Texas) chart a “terrifying road map'”and “the economic equivalent of the Bay of Pigs invasion.” read more…

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Reinforces Rule of Law in Virginia

2010 August 2

The Attorney General of Virginia has never been known to back down from a fight to protect the citizens of his state.

After the federal government sued Arizona over SB1070, Delegate Bob Marshall(R-Prince William) requested clarification on Virginia’s own immigration law from AG Ken Cuccinelli.

A few hours ago Cuccinelli released his formal legal opinion that gives police officers and legal authorities the right to check immigration status for those stopped for suspicion of criminal activity or already under arrest.

read more…

Civil Rights Groups Argue ‘Race to the Top’ Leaves the Poor at the Bottom

2010 July 31

The  dynamic duo from Harvard, President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, are running into some  tough talk from groups that are feeling pretty darn unappreciated right now.

The NAACP, Rainbow Push Coalition, the National Urban League and others issued a 17-page blueprint for educational reform that challenges the $4.5 billion ‘Race to the Top’ initiative. The civil rights activists don’t like the competitive incentives, Duncan’s “extensive reliance” on charter schools and the closure low-performing institutions. They say it stacks the deck against the “majority of low-income and minority students who will be left behind.” read more…

Chelsea Welcomes Father-in-Law ‘Fast Talkin Eddie’ To Lavish Wedding

2010 July 29

New bride Chelsea Clinton would do well to keep a close eye on her millions after she marries Marc Mezvinsky this weekend.

Of course, Marc’s not responsible for the sins of his father, Ed “Fast Talkin Eddie’ Mezvinsky, who according to the FBI investigators was a “one-man crime wave” for over 20 years. And like a lot of criminals who get caught he’s probably a changed man after six and a half years in a federal prison in Pensacola, Florida. Released in April, 2008 he’s out in time  to witness the nuptials at the John Jacob Astor IV estate in Rhinebeck, NY at an estimated cost of nearly $2 million. read more…

Arizona Judge Rules to Protect Illegal Alien Criminals

2010 July 28

Clinton appointee Judge Susan Bolton added her name to the growing list of Obama’s flunkies. In the lawsuit filed by Eric Holder‘s Department of Justice against the state of Arizona’s enforcement of SB 1070 Bolton handed the administration a victory today.

Bolton blocked four key sections of the law from being enforced: read more…

Michelle Obama Heads to Spain for a Well Deserved Vacation: Oh Mi Dios!

2010 July 28

Michelle Obama is determined to enjoy life as America's First Lady. That much is clear

Another day, another vacation.

You can almost hear the Leftist media, “George W Bush took plenty of vacations. Why can’t the First Lady take her daughter to Espana and book 30 rooms at a 5-star hotel for unnamed friends, bodyguards and family?” read more…

Communist Van Jones Whines About Those Who Wronged Him

2010 July 27

When is a threat not a threat? When it appears in an op-ed in the New York Times written by former Green Jobs czar, self-avowed communist and 9/11 truther Van Jones. read more…

Party Unity My Ass (PUMA) Led Me to Sarah Palin

2010 July 24

What a hoot to read the Daily Caller’s account of Left-wing journalists preparing to destroy Palin in order to put their Messiah into the White House.

Ed Kilgore, managing editor of the Democraticstrategist blog, must have been reading the P.U.M.A. website daily. His concern about former Clinton supporters defecting to the McCain/Palin camp couldn’t have been more accurate.

read more…

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Jan of Arizona is No Saint But She Fights Like One

2010 July 21

Governor Jan Brewer might not hear voices that tell her to save the state and she’s definitely not the real Joan of Arc but in the past six months she’s proved herself  to be one tough warrior. read more…

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