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I'm a recovering Leftist who's now a Goldwater conservative. A lifelong Arizona resident, I'm a freelance writer. I spend my free time reading, power-walking, shooting and antiquing.

The Leftist Media Leads Gays Away from Israel’s Heaven, Into Egypt’s Hell

2011 February 5

All hell has broken loose – again – in the Middle East, yet many in the west expect heaven on earth to arrive there.  A friend of mine waxes hopeful about this uprising of the people.  Then he tells me that a friend of his was recently thrown into prison in Egypt for “homosexuality.”  I ask him if he truly believes that his friend would be freed under their idea of “democracy.”  He doesn’t know how to answer.

As America’s leftist mainstream media glides over the abysmal human rights record in the Muslim world, we are told the current brouhaha in the Middle East is all about “democracy.”  Of course the Left paints Israel as the bad guy – the root of all the region’s problems.  But some journalists living in the only nation we can count as a friend there think otherwise.

“One simple truth is undeniable,” writes Daniel Gordis in Wednesday’s Jerusalem Post. “[N]one of the parties vying for control share America’s fundamental values.  Liberal democracy, a free press, acceptance of minorities, better status for women, acceptance of gays and lesbians – whatever happens in Egypt, none of these are likely.”

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Are the Champions of Freedom Skunks at Egypt’s Garden Party?

2011 February 3

There is a stink in Egypt, and as usual, the Left is running from America and Israel with a clothespin on its nose.  Champions of secular freedom are often treated like skunks at a garden party.  But the Left — in its failure to understand the difference between the despot-ridden Middle East and the democratic west – is the real source of the foul smell.

In Monday’s Guardian online, Kenan Malik writes:

The spread of the contagion of protest across north Africa, from Tunisia to Egypt and beyond, has not just been exhilarating, it has also given the lie to the myth that people in Muslim countries have a different mindset to those in the west, and that democracy and secularism are western concepts alien to the political culture of Egypt or Jordan or Yemen.

He asserts that the demonstrators who have taken over the streets want “not an Islamic state, but a more open, democratic society, with freedom of expression and the protection of individual liberties.” read more…

If Bond Girls Wear Burkinis, Will the Feminist Left Approve?

2011 January 27

Bond girls are sexy! Bond is sexy! Wait a minute.  Am I still allowed to say that?

Of course I personally watch James Bond movies more for the girls than for Bond.  I’m still allowed to say that, too.  If my feminist protectors on the Left have their way, I wonder how much longer that will be true.  It’s hard to say, anymore, exactly whose side the professional feminists are on.

In Thursday’s News Observer online, writer Craig D. Lindsey notes another group of Bond fans:  “women who enjoy the movies even though, on the surface, they objectify women.”  There is, indeed, something hypnotic about it all.  It’s entertainment, and nobody but an idiot would confuse it with anything else.

The author concludes this ambitious effort by admitting that though the Bond girls were smart and self-sufficient, they ended up “subservient to James Bond in his world.”  And Lindsey’s conclusion is that even feminists like Bond movies because – well – they like Bond.  That they find him sexy, which makes them no different from the bikini-babe-ogling men they criticize.

What all too few of them seem to appreciate is how nice it is to live in a world where, as we sit in the dark with a bag of popcorn on our lap, we can still ogle whomever we want. read more…

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Catty, Bitchy, Flighty and Promiscuous: The Left’s Sexism Problem

2011 January 25

Those media male chauvinists are at it again.  Tears flow at the thought! They’re bullying us, they’re misrepresenting us, and they’re ignoring us.  They’re doing all that at once – and believe me, that must be hard to do.  I’m going to clench my fists and stamp my little feet.

A headline from Sunday’s LA Times blog screams, “Is the media keeping women out of politics?” Indeed, it seems the media establishment must be worried about this.  Jennifer Siebel Newsom, wife of California Lt. Governor Gavin, has a new film at the Sundance festival that once again accuses the old boys of keeping women out.  “If you think we’re in the midst of historic times for women in politics with Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and even Sarah Palin on the national stage,” notes blogger Amy Kaufman, “one documentary at Sundance is urging you to think again.”

How about that! “Even” Sarah Palin! We don’t need to ask why the “even,” since this crowd feels it must apologize for including her.  In “Miss Representation,” Newsom even includes Paris Hilton.  We can’t say she isn’t…well, inclusive. read more…

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Conservative Women and the Murderous Fantasies of “Social Justice” Feminism

2011 January 25

Feminists on the Left want America’s money.  That means they want your money and mine.  They’ll take it from our children and our grandchildren.  We only think we’re working for our families or ourselves.  These self-proclaimed liberators of American womanhood have got it spent already.

They know better than we do.  We are the oppressed, and if we don’t realize that, they’ll prove it to us.  If we weren’t oppressed already, they will be sure to oppress us.  The wealth of this great country must be redistributed, you see, to achieve something they call “social justice,” and if they can achieve their aims no other way, they’ll do it at the point of a gun.  If you don’t believe they’re mad enough, just listen to them. read more…

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JFK: The Womanizer “Feminists” Love to Love (As They Bash Sarah Palin)

2011 January 21

“He speaks to us,” says a breathless Jim Lichtman, in Thursday’s Huffington Post. “He speaks to the world.”  That sounds like something many might say about Christ.  But – perhaps not surprisingly – these words were not written about Jesus.  They gushed forth in praise of President John F. Kennedy.

Of course Lichtman tells us what his hero said.

…ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.


…ask for what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

We know that JFK could be an inspiring leader.  We also now know that he was a womanizer who cavorted with naked beauties in the White House itself when Jackie was gone.  Leftists keep telling us that they love women.  Since they have taken Kennedy as a role model, perhaps we must conclude this is what they mean.

“As we strive to live up to Kennedy’s sense of character,” Lichtman tells us, “we not only become better citizens, but a more moral and more purposeful country – an example to the world.”  Doesn’t that just make you glow inside? A man who cheated on his wife, and sexually exploited so many women no historian would ever be able to count them, is still revered by the Left – that feminist-empowering faction – as a moral exemplar.

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The Gays are Coming from the Right — and They’re Armed!

2011 January 19

It will strike fear in the hearts of limp-wristed leftists everywhere.  Hundreds – perhaps thousands – of gays are arming themselves.  We are coming, and we are more dangerous than gays have ever been before.  Some of us, who are among those most commonly targeted for violence, are waking up to the fact that innocent citizens must protect themselves.

Gays and lesbians are among those in this country most likely to be preyed upon in our culture of violence.  Those of us who have left the leeks and fleshpots of the Left to gravitate to the political Right were not willing to be the neutered house-pets of those who wanted to coddle us.  Our self-appointed protectors on the Left would disarm and disempower everyone else for the sake of protecting us.  The problem, of course, is that in order to remain helpless enough to need their help, we must be as neutered as the rest of America. read more…

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Arizona Tea Party Shoots Itself in the Foot By Inviting “Preacher” Who Calls for Death Penalty for “Sodomites”

2011 January 17

About a year ago, I began to commit social suicide.  It was a slow process, beginning as I spoke my mind to friends about the new convictions I was forming.  If I ever was A-list, pretty soon I wasn’t anymore.  I never had a t-shirt of Mao or Che, but if I did, I’d burn it in defiant protest.  I love America, and I have come to realize that my only hope for freedom or equality – the things my friends say they all want – is to join together with those who want to protect Her, no matter how uncool and B-list they might be. read more…

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Tea Party Foes Smell Blood, Shanghai Children Into Their Cause

2011 January 13

In the wake of the Tucson shooting tragedy, leftists are decrying all the violence. Yet they are clearly out for blood.  Sound contradictory? Of course it does, but there it is.  Those who hate on the citizen movement for smaller government, as exemplified by the Tea Party, really smell blood now. read more…

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The Arizona Shooting and the Death of the Wild, Wild West

2011 January 10

There was a time when shooting an unarmed woman or a child would have been the most despicable act anyone could have imagined.  But the creep who shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and several other people Saturday seems to believe he’s stricken a blow for Mein Kampf, or gold and silver coinage.  Or something.

We, as a society, have so totally descended into madness that we have lost our way.  We are talking – again – about disarming everybody because many of us cannot tell the difference between right and wrong.  Those who are most totally lost are telling us we mustn’t even try to discern the difference between a lunatic who plots the murder of as many innocent people as possible and the citizens who might have been capable – had they been armed – of dropping him before he could have gotten off a shot. read more…

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It’s Aliiiiive! The ERA Has Risen!

2011 January 6

Our Constitution has now been read aloud before Congress.  Hallelujah and glory be, this is good news.  Now let’s see if hearing it anew (or, perhaps, for the first time) will help leftists actually understand what it says.

On Thursday, as it was read on the floor of the U.S. House, a big press conference was called. Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Sen. Robert Menendez, chief sponsors of the resurrected Equal Rights Amendment, are grandstanding to protest the amendment’s absence from the supreme law of the land.

It’s ALIIIIIVE! Yes, the ERA has risen from the grave. Maybe somebody will get around to asking them why they imagine we need it.

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Scandal on Capitol Hill: He’s Conservative! He’s Orange! And He Cries!

2011 January 5

What grave danger to America is our leftist media warning us about now? Why, John Boehner, of course.  Our new Speaker of the House.  He smokes! His skin is orange! And he cries!

An orange man who smokes and cries may well be controversial.  One suspects that the true source of most of the media’s discomfort with him is that he is a Republican, and a conservative one at that.  Some journalists on the Left are trying hard to sniff out genuine, smoky, sinful scandal.  One blog asked this gripping question:  “John Boehner’s crying:  Is he drinking too much?”

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