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A wife, mother and College English professor for twenty years, I started blogging on issues I care about in 2006; the right to life, traditional marriage and my Catholic faith. I became a writer and speaker on what Pope John Paul II dubbed the "Culture of Life". Read my blogs Cause of Our Joy, Causa Nostrae Laetitiae, and Catholic Media Review, or look for my work in National Catholic Register, PBS website, Catholic Online, Catholic Exchange, Catholic Mom, Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, Reuters,, Midwest Book Review, Catholic TV, MercatorNet, Canticle, Faith and Family, and Celebrate Life magazines. I also do film and book reviews for family-oriented media. I have appeared on several radio and TV programs and have spoken at conferences relating the joys of living my Catholic Faith.

NewsReal Sunday: The End of a Dynasty? Patrick Kennedy Bows Out

2010 February 14

Representative Patrick Kennedy has announced that he is not running for re-election; an unheard of event in the last generation, but it may be a sign that the magic of the Kennedy clan has faded among today’s Catholic voters.

For the past four decades, a portrait of President John F. Kennedy was proudly displayed on the walls of Irish Catholic homes, between the Sacred Heart and the Pope. In the seventies, my Irish grandmother was proud of the first Catholic President and his family, collecting coffee table books, and refusing to believe any negative press about them. Now the Catholic voter’s loyalty to the Kennedy family has declined so much that there are doubts whether Kennedy could be re-elected in Rhode Island, the most Catholic of states.   read more…

Who is Pro-Choice? HuffPo Censors Pro-Lifers

2010 February 5

Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow has never faced defense like this.

A devout Christian, who writes Scripture citations in his eye black, and is an advocate of chastity, Tebow has faced a fair amount of ribbing for his beliefs. But the opposition he received from women’s groups like NOW over the 30 second TV commercial from Focus on the Family featuring his mother must have rocked him back on his heels. Just what happens in that brief commercial which has NOW petitioning CBS to drop the ad? Choice. Pure and simple, The ad is pro-choice, in the true sense of the word. read more…

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