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Zionist Organization of America Defends Beck, Condemns Soros

2010 November 20

This post first appeared at Big Journalism.

It’s never pretty when a debate over charges of bigotry comes down to how many organizations with ethnic identities whose leaders have proclaimed themselves unelected spokesmen for an entire ethnicity of people have lined up on either side.  In Beck v. Soros, one would think that the factual basis of what Beck said should be more important, but unfortunately that’s generally not how such high profile controversies usually play out.

While accusing Beck of anti-Semitism, “Holocaust exploitation,” and of labeling Soros as a “former Nazi” (which Beck simply did not come close to saying) among other things, one writer for The Jewish Journal was tawdry enough to suggest Beck’s problem is that he is a “non-Jewish pundit” who “simply do[esn’t] have enough bona fides in the Jewish community” to report the things that Beck has been reporting.  Oddly, that writer Mark Paredes is a Mormon, but he’s apparently convinced the Jewish people are all on his side in defending Soros, claiming Beck’s “remarks were universally condemned in the Jewish press.” read more…

Glenn Beck Gets His George Soros Critique from “Heavy Breathers” at DiscoverTheNetworks.Org?

2010 November 16

Reason Magazine editor Matt Welch begins a critique of Beck’s “The Puppet Master” series from last week with a sentence that captures the general approach of many other critics of the series: “I didn’t watch Glenn Beck’s three-part series on […] George Soros, but…”  He goes on to clarify that he had read at least parts of the transcript, but that’s never a promising way to begin an evaluation of anything.  The rest of his piece confirms that no, he definitely did not watch it and generally doesn’t know what he is talking about in evaluating it. read more…

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