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Obama Administration Whitewashes Islamic Jihad

2010 April 8

Apparently, the new buzz phrase in the Obama administration to describe our fight against radical Islamic terrorism is “countering violent extremism.”  Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair used the catch-phrase twice in a speech he delivered yesterday.

Notice that there is no reference to the source of most of the terrorist “violent extremism” around the world today – radical Islam.  This “soft power approach” is deliberately designed to avoid offending the Muslim world – an extension of Obama’s apologia last June in Cairo during which he told Muslims how sorry the United States was for all of the supposed wrongs we committed against them.   read more…

New York Times Wants More Unilateral Disarmament

2010 April 7

The New York Times’ lead editorial today praises President Obama’ s new nuclear policy, entitled the “Nuclear Posture Review.” According to the perverse logic shared by Obama and the Times, we gain more “credibility” in trying to constrain the “nuclear ambitions of Iran, North Korea and others” if we tie our own hands first. The Times was especially pleased about Obama’s promise not to develop new nuclear weapons.

We are witnessing the latest example of the  blame-America-first mentality, which Obama exemplified last year with this statement in Prague, the site he returns to this week to sign a new nuclear arms reduction treaty with Putin’s Russia:

as the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon, the United States has a moral responsibility to act.

But the Times is not satisfied. It does not think Obama went far enough in his “Nuclear Position Review,” characterizing his new policy as merely

an important down payment on a saner nuclear policy read more…

President Obama Imperils Our Nation’s Security

2010 April 6

President Obama chose an interview with his favorite news outlet, The New York Times, to announce a radical new direction for America’s nuclear strategy.  He is substantially narrowing the conditions under which the United States would use nuclear weapons.  Even if we are attacked with biological or chemical weapons, Obama is now declaring our use of any type of nuclear weapons in response is off limits in most cases.

Obama is also renouncing the development of any new nuclear weapons, overriding the initial position of his own Secretary of Defense.  The nuclear freeze crowd must be dancing in the streets. read more…

Court Punishes Family Of Fallen Marine

2010 April 2

Marc Lamont Hill comes on The Factor” all too frequently to discuss just about any topic – virtually all of which he knows nothing about.  One week Bill O’Reilly has him on the show to talk about national security issues.  Another week Hill opines on health care.  This week Hill has given us a discourse on free speech rights under the First Amendment.

The occasion of Hill’s defense of the First Amendment was a discussion of the recent decision by a federal appeals court to overturn a jury verdict that the father of a dead marine, Al Snyder, won in a $5 million civil lawsuit against the virulent anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.  Members of this church were protesting with provactive signs such as “Thank God for dead soldiers” outside of the funeral of the Snyder son killed in battle.  The jury found that the protest went too far, invading the Snyder family’s privacy and intentionally causing them severe emotional distress.

Hill was joined by Fox legal expert Megyn Kelly in saying that the federal court of appeals did the right thing in reversing the jury’s verdict.  They are wrong. read more…

Liberals Thank Romney For Obamacare

2010 April 1

Gail Collins, one of The New York Times’ stable of leftist op-ed columnists, wrote a column today entitled “Mitt Romney, Liberal Icon.”  She gives “credit” to Romney for getting Massachusett’s universal health care plan passed, which she says is “a whole lot alike” to Obamacare.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the health care paradise that the Massachusetts plan was supposed to produce for its citizens.  It went broke and had to be bailed out by the federal government!

Who is going to bail out the federal colossus?  You and I through higher taxes, and our children and our children’s children through higher debt burdens. read more…

Al Sharpton Insists He Saw The Phantom Tape

2010 March 30

During the sparring session last night between Rev. Al Sharpton and Bill O’Reilly on “The Factor,”  Sharpton claimed that he saw the much bally-hooed tape of Tea Party protesters outside the Capitol building hurling the “n” word at black congressmen.  The only problem is that such a tape most likely does not exist. Nor are there any credible witnesses whom have come forward to substantiate the charge.  When confronted by O’Reilly, Sharpton started to back away from his claim that he actually saw a tape of the alleged incident.

Reminiscent perhaps of Sharpton’s trumpeting of the infamous Tawana Brawley rape allegations, which turned out to be a hoax? 

The Left and its allies in the mainstream media are using the race card in an effort to de-legitimize the opposition to President Obama, particularly as that opposition is reflected in the Tea Party movement.  The main issues animating this movement have nothing to do with race.  They revolve around fiscal responsibility, limited government and reliance on private enterprise.  Tea party activists are united by opposition to a mammoth federal government engaged in run-away spending. read more…

Hip-Hop Mogul Confuses Hate Speech With The Truth

2010 March 29

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons posted a piece entitled  “The Ugly Head of America” this morning on The Huffington Post.  It was a broadside attack on Americans for engaging in what he calls ‘hate speech’  towards the Muslim world:

The hatred and anger towards Muslims in this country and around the world has gone beyond the tipping point. This is not acceptable. We have to cleanse ourselves of this horrible disease. The long-term karmic effect of keeping this attitude in this country is unthinkable.

Really?  A country that has liberated millions of Muslims from the yoke of tyranny and provided massive aid in times of natural disaster to such Muslim countries as Indonesia and Pakistan hates Muslims?

Mr. Simmons confuses hate speech with the truth.  If Muslims practice their religion peacefully without stomping on the rights of others, they are more than welcome – as are the believers of any other peaceful religion or non-believers.  Unfortunately, their religion has been used by radical Islamists as the justification for a supremist, racist, misogynist and violence-prone ideology that denigrates human reason, individual liberties and self-government. read more…

The IRS On Steroids

2010 March 26

Obamacare depends on your friendly Internal Revenue Service to enforce the individual mandate to purchase health insurance.  It will be getting into our face every month to monitor that we all have the health insurance required by the federal government.  The feds will have access to our medical records.  And the IRS will be collecting the civil fine of $750 or 2.7% of gross income, whichever is higher, from anyone they catch daring to disobey the Obama commandments. read more…

The True Agenda Of Obamacare Progressives Exposed

2010 March 25

Progressive Democrats are telling the opponents of Obamacare to chill out.  Once the American people understand what is in the legislation, they argue, it will be as popular as Social Security and Medicare.  I don’t think so.

Republican amendments to the reconciliation bill were defeated last night in the Senate on a party-line vote.  The amendments – and their defeat by the Progressives in charge of the Senate –  are instructive in highlighting what Obamacare is really all about. read more…

Constitutional Challenge To Obamacare

2010 March 24

With the ink barely dry from President Obama’s signature, the attorneys general in more than a dozen states went to court.  They filed lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare’s individual mandate requiring virtually all Americans to purchase health insurance.

On his “Is it legal” segment last night, Bill O’Reilly posed the bottom-line question:  What are the odds that the Supreme Court will overturn Obamacare?  While his two legal beagle experts believed the challenge had some merit, they both thought it would ultimately fail.

They focused on the very broad powers that Congress has been permitted by the courts to exercise since the New Deal under the Constitution’s Interstate Commerce Clause. They also mentioned that the enforcement of the mandate was set up under Congress’ taxing authority, which too is very broad.  Indeed, the IRS will be hiring 16,000 new employees to monitor and enforce the mandate – the Democrats’ job stimulus program in action. read more…

Radical Islamist Terrorist Supporter Lectures US On American Values

2010 March 23

Newsweek Magazine is running an article in its March 29th issue entitled “Why I Was Banned in the U.S.A.” by  Tariq Ramadan.  This supporter of terrorist organizations is crowing now because the Obama administration caved to the demands of the ACLU .  It reversed the Bush administration’s decision to deny him  a visa to enter our country, rather than continue to support the ban against a court challenge brought on Ramadan’s behalf by the ACLU.

Tariq Ramadan claimed in his Newsweek article that he was originally banned from entering the U.S. because:

My offense, it seemed, had been to forcefully criticize America’s support for Israel and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. read more…

Black Sunday – “This Is What Change Looks Like”

2010 March 22

“This is what change looks like” – these are the words of Barack Obama as he took his victory lap last night.  He claimed that the “struggle” to enact Obamacare, now the law of the land,

became a test of whether the American people could still rally together when the cause was right

Quite the contrary.  The cause was wrong for America.  And Obama has proven, with his accomplices Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, that the opinions of the majority of the American people – who oppose bankrupting the country and imposing new federal mandates on our health care  – count for nothing.  In order to impose their Progressive agenda on the country, they resorted to bribery, threats, lies and accounting gimmicks while trampling on the Constitution in the process. read more…

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