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The Lamestream Press Rides To The Rescue Of Its Super-Hero NPR

2010 October 26

It’s been nearly a week since NPR fired Juan Williams for honestly expressing his feelings on Fox News‘ “O’Reilly Factor”about seeing fully garbed Muslims boarding airplanes. His own personal feelings are shared by millions of other Americans, given what happened on 9/11:

when I get on an airplane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they’re identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.

Prominent voices in the lamestream press have either ignored NPR’s outrageous action or have made contemptous remarks about Juan Williams. read more…

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National Propaganda Radio Enforces Sharia In America by Firing Juan Williams

2010 October 22

National Public Radio has just killed two birds with one stone with the firing of its ten-year analyst Juan Williams for comments he made on Fox News. Williams had shared his feeling that he gets nervous when he sees fully garbed Muslims board an airplane. NPR took the remark out of context as a pretext for firing him.

By firing Williams for making a comment deemed insulting to Muslims, NPR facilitated radical Islamists in enforcing sharia law against ‘defamation’ of Islam. And it paid back the far Left multi-billionaire George Soros for his $1.8 million donation to NPR by dismissing an employee for the ‘fireable’ offense of expressing his feelings on the hated Fox News channel. read more…

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George Soros Targets Glenn Beck And Fox News For Eradication

2010 October 21

George Soros hates being challenged for being the hypocrite, shady financier and self-righteous political patron of the far Left that he really is. So, in the fashion of the dictatorships in which he grew up, Soros does whatever he can to silence the opposition.

In Canada, Soros dispatched his legal team to intimidate my fellow blogger Kathy Shaidle who resides in Canada and posted a blog that apparently offended Soros. In the United States, where Soros cannot as easily exploit libel and defamation laws to his advantage, he spends his money on left-wing outlets like Media Matters to smear his enemies and try to force them off the air. read more…

President Obama’s Shameful Kow-Towing To The Muslim World

2010 October 20

Despite his sensible campaign against political correctness when it comes to telling the truth about Islamic ideology and terrorism, Bill O’Reilly is wrong to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt for his shameful kow-towing to the Muslim world.

Since Obama has taken office, he has gone out of his way to apologize to the Muslim world for America’s supposed wrong-doing. Obama has used his bully pulpit as President of the United States to legitimize the false Islamic narrative of misunderstood victimhood. read more…

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The “View” Ladies Demonstrate Their Own Bigotry Against The Truth

2010 October 19

The firestorm surrounding Bill O’Reilly’s appearance on “The View” last Thursday continues to burn.

Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar had sparked the firestorm when they walked off the stage in a hissy fit because O’Reilly had made the politically incorrect but accurate remark, during his appearance on their show, that Muslims attacked us on 9/11.

The ladies of “The View” were not done with the controversy. They attacked O’Reilly in absentia yesterday, with Whoopi Goldberg saying that she was afraid that she could not control herself if she remained on stage and Behar saying that she walked out to protest O’Reilly’s “bigotry” against Muslims. read more…

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Hissy Fit On The “View”

2010 October 15

Co-hosts of ABCs The View Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg had a hissy fit yesterday. Not able to intelligently argue their point of view with their guest Bill O’Reilly concerning the Park 51 mega mosque/community center controversy, they walked off the stage in a huff.

O’Reilly had criticized President Obama for not commenting on the “appropriateness” of the mosque location so close to Ground Zero and cited a CNN poll showing that 70% of the American people did not think that the proposed location was appropriate. Behar displayed her usual foolishness by refusing to even acknowledge the sensitivity of the issue to a majority of Americans. read more…

Rolling the Dice On Civil Trials For Al Qaeda Terrorists

2010 October 14

Ahmed Ghailani, the al Qaeda terrorist accused of bombing the American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998, is now on trial in Manhattan’s Federal District Court – not in a Guantanamo military tribunal where he belongs. The bombings resulted in the deaths of at least 11 people and injured another 85.

The Obama administration decided to make Ghailani its poster-boy for demonstrating how civilian trials can best handle suspected al Qaeda terrorists. So far their decision is bombing, if you will excuse the pun. read more…

A Happy Ending To The Chilean Mine Disaster Thanks To America’s Can-Do Spirit

2010 October 13

Last night, as the first miner trapped in a Chilean mine for 69 days was pulled to the surface in a capsule, the world watched on live TV and rejoiced with his family. By tomorrow, God willing, all the miners will be rescued from their horrible ordeal.

However, during all of the non-stop coverage of the preparation and execution of the rescue, one crucial fact was largely overlooked by the mainstream media. If it were not for courageous Americans who came forward to offer their sweat and ingenuity, we would not be witnessing the happy ending so many have prayed for. read more…

SNL’s Brand Of Political Humor

2010 October 13

Some conservative commentators such as Sean Hannity have complained that Saturday Night Live’s brand of political humor is distinctly pro-leftist and anti-conservative. They point to the skewering of Sarah Palin by Tina Fey, and to the more recent satirical skits aimed at Delaware’s Republican candidate for the Senate, Christine O’Donnell. read more…

Paul Krugman’s Tunnel Vision

2010 October 8

Left-wing economist and New York Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman went after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for deciding to halt any further spending on a bloated public transit project.

The plan that Christie inheritied was to build another commuter train tunnel under the Hudson River to Manhattan, budgeted originally to cost $8.7 billion.Christie made his decision after he learned that the project would end up costing at least $2.5 billion over budget and that New Jersey’s taxpayers would have been responsible to pay the overrun. Krugman coouldn’t care less about the taxpayers. He attacked Christie for making,

a destructive and incredibly foolish decision on multiple levels

Krugman thinks that a 28 percent overrun is pocket change, which Christie should just pay and shut up. read more…

The Obama Administration’s Birdbrain Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Management And Cover-Up

2010 October 7

The  National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, the expert panel appointed by President Barack Obama himself, has just come out with a draft report that is devastating to the Obama administration’s credibility. It concluded that the White House blocked efforts by federal scientists to tell the public just how bad the Gulf of Mexico oil spill may really have been.

This cover-up of the Obama administration’s birdbrain handling of the Gulf oil spill was not only ignored by the lamestream media. I didn’t hear anything about the cover-up last night on the “O’Reilly Factor” or on Sean Hannity’s show. read more…

Obama Remains Silent After ABC News Broadcasts Islamist Cleric’s Threat Of White House Conquest

2010 October 6

President Barack Obama and his administration have spent the last twenty months attacking Fox News. In his interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Obama even went so far as to claim that Fox News promotes

a point of view that I think is ultimately destructive for the long-term growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class and is competitive in the world.

Yet Obama has not objected to the television broadcast last Sunday on ABC’s talk show “This Week,”  moderated by Christiane Amanpour, of a threat by her Islamic guest to essentially replace America’s self-governing democracy with Islamic rule. read more…

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