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George Soros, The Self-Hating Jew Whose Money Cannot Buy Him Humanity

2010 November 16

Glenn Beck caused quite a stir last week with his three part series on George Soros.  Even Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, got into the act and condemned Beck for what Foxman called his “over the top” remarks.

What set Foxman and other Beck critics off was Beck’s discussion of Soros’ experience as a Jewish teenager living in Nazi-occupied Hungary during the Holocaust. Soros survived by living with a non-Jewish family and assuming a non-Jewish identity. Soros accompanied and observed his phony “godfather” delivering papers to Jews and confiscating their property. read more…

“Obama’s Economic View Is Rejected On World Stage”

2010 November 12

The title of this post is not mine. It is the lead headline on the front page of today’s New York Times. Frankly, I never thought I would live to see the day when at least a flicker of journalistic integrity appeared in the Times newsroom, if not on its editorial page.

It took three New York Times reporters – Sewell Chan, Sheryl Gay Stolberg and David E. Sanger –  to do the heavy lifting on this story of President Barack Obama’s monumental failures during his current Asian journey. read more…

To Save American Lives From Ruthless Terrorists: More Waterboarding, Please.

2010 November 11

The CIA waterboarded 9/11 al Qaeda mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 183 times in March 2003, and fellow Al Qaeda commander Abu Zubayda at least 83 times in August 2002. Waterboarding was also used on a third al Qaeda detainee named Nashiri.

Now, as  former President George W. Bush launches his new book Decision Points with interviews on network and cable TV shows, including NBC and Fox News, he has said publicly what most people assumed was the case all along. Bush personally authorized the CIA to use waterboarding on these monsters. As a result, they gave up life-saving intelligence that we would not likely have obtained in time through less stressful means.

Bush explained that he first consulted with his legal advisers, who told him that the use of waterboarding as contemplated by the CIA was not illegal under the exigent circumstances that the country was then facing. Relying on such advice, he gave the CIA the green light to use waterboarding on just three high-level al Qaeda detainees. read more…

The New York Times and Justice Stevens Demonstrate Their Ignorance About The Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

2010 November 10

The New York Times just can’t leave well enough alone. After running a number of editorials and articles earlier this year in support of the mega mosque and community center proposed to be built right near Ground Zero, it ran another one today. As usual, the Times avoids the central issue in the debate, which is the wisdom and appropriateness of building a 15 story Islamic monument in that particular location.

In its latest editorial on the subject, the Times has sought refuge in the reflections of ultra-left former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens concerning his visit to the U.S.S. Arizona memorial. We are supposed to learn the dangerous consequences of “ignorance” leading to “invidious prejudice” from Stevens’ personal experience and apply this lesson by analogy to the debate over the mega mosque and community center. read more…

Paul Krugman’s Crack Fix for the Economy

2010 November 9

More crack cocaine, anyone? A narcotic as potentially addictive as crack is essentially what the Federal Reserve is administering to our economy, with its recent decision to infuse$600 billion more of new printed money into our system.

The Federal Reserve is monetizing the federal debt – printing more money with which to “cover” it.  Never mind that this strategy has led to hyper-inflation and the devaluation of currency every time it has been tried in world history.

Yet left-wing economists like Paul  Krugman don’t think that the Fed went far enough to get the job done in stimulating our economy. read more…

Cell Phone Progressivism: Hazardous To Our Health

2010 November 6

We have been warned about the potential hazards of cell phones. According to one recent study, funded by the World Health Organization,using a cell phone for as little as 30 minutes may increase your risk of getting a brain tumor. Nevertheless, scientists are not in total agreement on the true extent of the danger to our brains from cell phone use.

However, there is one politically progressive cell phone company that is using some of its revenues to emit political propaganda that is definitely a hazard to the health of our body politic. read more…

Oklahoma Voters Say No To Sharia

2010 November 4

It’s been buried in all of the Election Day reporting, but the voters of Oklahoma did something on Tuesday worthy of note. By a substantial margin, they approved a measure prohibiting judges from considering international law or sharia (Islamic law) when deciding cases. About 70 percent of voters Tuesday were in favor of this measure.

The purpose of the measure is to direct judges to exclusively use state and federal law to guide their judicial decisionmaking. The sponsor of the measure called it a “pre-emptive strike” designed to close the door on activist judges who use  international law or sharia law in legislating from the bench.

read more…

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The Election Is Over But We Must Remain Vigilant: Watch What Two-Faced Obama Does, Not What He Says

2010 November 3

Now that voters have sent President Obama a clear message  to change course, will he heed it? I don’t think so.

Sure, we will hear a call for more bipartisanship. Obama will try to return to his 2008 campaign mantra of post-partisanship and talk about a shared responsibility with the Republicans for governing the country. But this will be two-faced Obama’s way of syndicating the risk of continued failure of his own economic policies to the new Republican majority in the House, in order to set them up as the “do nothing” Congress in the 2012 elections. read more…

To Obama And His Progressive Friends: No You Can’t

2010 November 2

No matter how the lamestream media tries to spin it, today’s mid-term election is a referendum on the Obama administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress. And it looks like a clear vote of no confidence.

Having trouble processing the message that the American people are trying to deliver with their votes, the sore losers are advancing  bogus explanations for the stunning turn-around in their fortunes. read more…

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Bill Clinton And Obama White House Serve Up Their Latest Dirty Trick Just In time for Halloween: Pressure Black Democratic Candidate To Quit Florida Senate Race To Help Elect Turncoat Charlie Crist

2010 October 29

With Halloween right around the corner, Democrats are serving up plenty of tricks in addition to their usual scare-mongering.

Their latest dirty trick has turned up in Florida, where they are seeking to fit a Democratic mask on an erstwhile turncoat Republican and cajole the real Democratic candidate for Senator out of the race. read more…

The Defective “Liberal” Gene

2010 October 28

Hooray for science. We now have proof that so-called liberalism is in the genes – an obvious defect in the evolutionary development of the human brain.

According  to scientists at UC San Diego and Harvard University, people tend to be more liberal as adults if, in addition to being active socially during adolescence they have

a specific variant of the DRD4 gene

DRD4 is a dopamine receptor gene that genetic scientists believe is associated with an increased risk for ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. read more…

Obama Brands His Immigration Reform Opponents As “Enemies” While Reminding Us That He Is Not “King” – At Least Not Yet

2010 October 27

Remember back in 2007 and 2008 when Barack Obama was going around the country as the self-proclaimed post-partisan, post-racial candidate running for president? He rhapsodized about moving beyond red states and blue states towards one United States of America.

It’s too bad Obama as President is governing as perhaps the most divisive, partisan, race-baiting president in modern history.

Exhibit A is Obama’s interview on Univision Radio, aired earlier this week. Obama spoke with Mexican-born Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo,  a fixture on Univision Radio who himself had entered the U.S.  illegally in 1988, gaining legal residence later. read more…

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