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Ouch, Charlie! The real problem behind Rep Rangel’s ethics scandal…

2010 August 7

Although I’ve seen my fair share of memes, the “Charlie bit me!” has always been one of my favorites. Two little British kids having an over-the-top fight for all of us to watch? 216-million views — yes, that’s right, 216 MILLION — says that I’m not the only one who showed it to my friends. I think only Tom has that many friends. In the video, Charlie’s brother pokes and prods at him until eventually Charlie, much to everyone’s surprise, indeed bites him. Suddenly his brother realizes he’s gotten more than he asks for and screams for help.

In a way, Rep. Charlie Rangel did the same thing to us with his recent ethics scandal. It was almost as if Rangel was poking and prodding us, just asking us to finally tell him that he really couldn’t do all of the things he was doing. I’m not going to focus on the various housing scandals he’s caught up in because I don’t think anyone other than the most truly politically unaware are surprised that a long-serving Congressman might have hoarded some benefits for himself. What I want to focus on is Rangel’s involvement with the City College of New York and the center they were naming after him.

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Communism’s Dirty Little Secret

2010 August 6

Those of you who listen to bad music may already be familiar with the All-American Rejects and their hit song, “Dirty Little Secret”. What you may not realize, however, is that advocates of communism at the academic level have a dirty little secret of their own. But instead of at least having the decency to send it to Post Secret, these “intellectuals” keep it to themselves.

It’s not that unusual to hear someone ask what role they see an ideology playing in the future. Communist ideology — or should I say “social justice“? — does have a chance to play a role in the future, but unfortunately, none of the roles that it can play are ones that I want to see in my lifetime. I hope that I never see a resurgence of communistic ideals, but I fear that with people around the world demanding more and more from their governments, it is possible that we may see such a rise happen.

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It’s like a scene out of the movies: The left often fails to acknowledge the source of innovation

2010 July 17

After having watched the movie Inception last night, I can honestly say: It was every bit as fantastic as I expected. Without spoiling too much — I doubt I’m revealing any more than the trailer does — a device was invented that allows for people to create and enter dreams together. Other than implying that Michael Caine may or may not have invented the device, little emphasis is placed on the fact that it had to come from somewhere.

I give Inception a pass for not explaining this because, well, it’s a movie. It’s a snapshot of an alternate reality. Unfortunately, many on the left take this same attitude in reality. They seldom bother to ask where innovation comes from or how they can encourage it. The academic left, in particular, is guilty of this more than the average citizen is.

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In Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, Left rules against itself

2010 June 29

In Die Another Day – skip the rest of this sentence if you don’t want to me to spoil a rather obvious plot point (it is a Bond movie, after all) – Miranda Frost, after helping Mr. James Bond initially, betrays him to the surprise of everyone and ends up hurting Her Majesty’s loyal servant. Today, Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed herself to be a bit of a Miranda Frost herself, just not quite as clever.

Now I will not claim to be the world’s greatest legal scholar. I almost always struggle to sit down and read a Supreme Court opinion unless there is some kind of long car ride involved. That having been said, I have studied up on my fair share of cases, and I have to say, Justice Ginsburg’s opinion in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez marks a real first for me: this is the first case I’ve ever seen where the leftist judges on the court voted to hurt primarily left-leaning groups.

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