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Giving Illegal Immigrants The Edge Over American College Students?

2011 May 18

If, let’s say, you’re a student from North Carolina, Ohio, or Arizona who wants to go to a public university in Maryland, you have to pay a higher rate than teenagers who live in the state. On the other hand, if you’re in the country illegally, you get the cheaper in-state rate. read more…

The Secret Life of Bin Laden: Rape, Pot, And Sex Slaves

2011 May 17

The print version of the Enquirer has a scandalous new story out about Osama Bin Laden. The piece features quotes from ex-wives and mistresses talking about his private life and it’s quite twisted. Everything from paranoia, to Bin Laden’s terrible fear of American soldiers, to his sexual perversity is discussed in the piece and normally, I would tell you to take it with a grain of salt because it’s the Enquirer. However, since it’s Osama, lets just assume it’s all true and then some… read more…

Why Do One-In-Five American Voters Now Believe Osama Bin Laden Is Still Alive?

2011 May 16

Over at the LA Times, Andrew Malcolm asks, Why do one-in-five American voters now believe Osama bin Laden is still alive?

This incredulity phenomenon is a curious creation of a high-speed global media so full of unverified and unverifiable information floating about, combined with a modern cynicism about political leaders masquerading as voter wisdom.

After so many lies and misleading claims by politicians over the decades since the Kennedy assassination and its conspiracy theories (“I am not a crook” “I did not have sex with that woman”), the safest way to look wise and experienced these days is to dismiss virtually any public official’s statement as a talking point and/or lie. read more…

Why I’m Glad I Haven’t Gotten Married…Yet

2011 May 13

One of the reasons I’m such a big fan of Warren Farrell’s book Why Men Are The Way The Are is because it helped me look at an important aspect of my life from a different angle.

You see, although I do plan to get married, I can’t help but note that most of my friends who are my age have already gotten married and had kids. So, have I waited too long to get around to it? read more…

An Interview With Warren Farrell, The Author Of “Why Men Are the Way They Are.”

2011 May 12

I really enjoyed Warren Farrell’s incredibly insightful book, Why Men Are the Way They Are. In fact, I liked it so much I put together a list of quotations from the book. I’ve also just finished one of his other books, The Myth of Male Power. I can’t say that I agreed with everything in it, but it was still a fascinating read.

So, I was particularly happy to get the opportunity to interview Warren Farrell. What follows is an edited transcript of our conversation. Enjoy! read more…

[VIDEO] Everything You Need To Know About Noam Chomsky

2011 May 11

Liberalism In 120 Seconds: Everything You Need To Know About Noam Chomsky

Cross-posted from Right Wing News.

Is Obama Deliberately Trying To Sabotage Our Own War In Afghanistan? It Sure Looks Like It.

2011 May 10

Barack Obama’s entire presidency has been characterized by bumbling and amateurishness. This is an inexperienced President who doesn’t know how to govern and either doesn’t have advisers capable of explaining how things work to him or he doesn’t listen to those advisers.

This has been particularly noticeable in foreign affairs where his bowing and bungling have created issues in Britain, Russia, Israel, Poland, and Honduras among other places.

The place where Obama’s inexperience and arrogance has the potential to create the most dangerous problem, however, is in Pakistan. read more…

The World’s Supposed To End On May 21?

2011 May 9

This weekend, when I was in D.C., there were a surprising number of ads around the city proclaiming that the Bible says the world’s going to end on May 21. read more…

Michael Moore: America’s Most Prominent Deather

2011 May 6

Michael Moore is widely revered on the Left, he’s the best known political documentarian in America, and he’s so well thought of amongst liberals that he even famously sat next to Jimmy Carter at the 2004 Democratic convention.

Michael Moore is also a deather — someone who believes that the US government already had Bin Laden in hand and just decided to finally get around to killing him on Sunday. As you read these tweets, keep in mind that they’re from the same man who tweeted this;

“No matter what Obama says, bin Laden’s not dead until Donald Trump see’s his death certificate. #Deathers”

Ha, ha, ha! Hilarious…well, except Moore also tweeted this: read more…

How do Conservatives Get Beyond the Minority Trap?

2011 May 5

By 2050, America is expected to have a “majority minority” population and every vote from now until then, we can expect minorities to account for a larger share of the voting population. This is not good news for the Republican Party because black Americans vote for the Democratic Party 9-to-1 and Hispanic Americans lean to the Left at a 2-to-1 clip.

Sadly, conservatives are doing absolutely nothing to change any of those numbers. read more…

Obama’s Meager Post-Bin Laden Bounce Spells Political Trouble For Him

2011 May 4

Bush 41 went all the way up to an 88% approval rating after the Gulf War. His son W. soared from 51% to 90% in the space of 10 days after 9/11.

That brings us to the death of Osama Bin Laden.  read more…

Leftist Hypocrisy Over The Death Of Bin Laden

2011 May 3

Over at Redstate, Melissa Clouthier points out that the Left’s reaction to the death of Bin Laden proves that leftists don’t believe their own war on terror rhetoric.

When the rubber meets the road, liberals aren’t crying that:

* Intelligence gathered, probably via “enhanced interrogation” in a secret prison (or if you’re a liberal, torture), lead to Osama’s death.
* Justice meant a targeted assassination aka capital punishment
* A country’s boundaries were violated to achieve justice (how can we violate a sovereign nation?!!)
* Bullets were used
* Base impulses like “vengeance” were indulged
* Diplomacy didn’t achieve what 40 Navy Seals achieved. read more…

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