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Joe Brooks is a writer and blogger based in Oklahoma. In addition to contributing to NewsReal Blog, he operates The Immaculate Conservative blogsite.

Mickey Mouse’s Green Thumb

2011 January 12

My wife and I have been fruitful and we have multiplied, including a pair of now 7-year old twins. And, as a result, I get a steady dose of kids’ shows, particularly the Disney Channel. And one reoccurring segment on Disney is a promo for a group called Friends for Change.  This is charity group formed by Disney in 2009 as a “green” initiative to promote environmental activism among the channel’s viewers.  The promos consist of various groupings of the channel’s stars (The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, etc…I know them all!) telling their viewing audience what they can do to be pint-sized Captain Planets: plant a tree, take shorter showers, ban incandescent bulbs from your house (or, if you have already done so, harass friends and neighbors to do the same), and research ways to make you own, natural household cleaners. What fun for the whole family!

What is noticeably absent from the Friends for Change promos is any acknowledgment that the foundation for the whole movement they support (i.e. man-made climate change) is falling apart. While many of the claims of the eco-alarmists are being discredited and their so-called solutions are shown to be nothing more than politically motivated snake oil, the Green Left is moving full-steam ahead and targeting the less intellectually discerning: the young.  The hope is that if they indoctrinate the next generation, it will carry over into adulthood and there will be less need for pesky little things like facts. If Disney has its way, the battle will be won without and need for ammunition. read more…

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Abortion: “Jersey Shore” Style

2010 December 31

Jersey Shore cast in line at the clinic

Leave it to MTV to take one of the most contentious issues of the last 50 years and turn it on its head.  Not satisfied with showcasing the hardships of being young and with child in shows like “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant,” the network sought to show the other side of the story: the girls who decide to terminate their pregnancies. In doing so, they present these girls as being more responsible and, oddly, as better parents than those who decide to keep their babies. The end result was a program that marginalizes parenthood and ultimately celebrates a culture of death.

With the airing of “No Easy Decision,” MTV (which is owned by Viacom and has championed many Leftist causes) eschews the “teen mom as tragic figure” paradigm that they presented in previous series. What the producers give us in their stead are girls who play the suffering saints. Girls who take the scorn of the uncompassionate mob upon themselves so that those who come after them can make the same choices with impunity. The host, Dr. Drew Pinsky, speaks with a tone of near reverence to these young ladies.  Reverence for, not only making the choice to have an abortion, but for also being willing to step out of the shadows and speak openly about their experiences. Indeed, Dr. Pinsky imbues the girls with an almost Rosa Park-like stature.  The purpose here seems to be to demystify the choice and the process of abortion so that it seems to be the more mature, responsible, and acceptable choice.  Teen motherhood, it is implied, is a hard, ignoble path to take.  Teen abortion, on the other hand, is not only more responsible, but something that elevates the character of those who choose it. read more…

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