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Look Out, Frank Rich! It’s a Very Small Facebook Mob!

2010 March 1

I don’t read the New York Times. If I want to get my fill of progressive propaganda and nasty smears of the American people, I can read any number of progressive bloggers who do it faster, more frequently, and with a lot more style and wit. That’s not to say that the Times doesn’t hire a number of artistes de panique who occasionally deliver some first-class garment-rending but, generally, they just mail it in and collect their rather large paychecks.

Yesterday, Frank Rich dropped one of those bombs of bowel-watering fear for which he’s become known around the right side of the blogosphere. There can be no doubt that Rich is the ne plus ultra of the Times stable, a former drama critic inside of whom lives a Brobdingnagian drama-queen longing to burst forth like the horrible love-child of Ethel Merman and the “Leave Britney Alone” YouTube guy. Let me give you his opening.

No one knows what history will make of the present — least of all journalists, who can at best write history’s sloppy first draft. But if I were to place an incautious bet on which political event will prove the most significant of February 2010, I wouldn’t choose the kabuki health care summit that generated all the ink and 24/7 cable chatter in Washington. I’d put my money instead on the murder-suicide of Andrew Joseph Stack III, the tax protester who flew a plane into an office building housing Internal Revenue Service employees in Austin, Tex., on Feb. 18. It was a flare with the dark afterlife of an omen.

What a setup! read more…

Sure, But Will Obamacare Buy You A New Bumper?

2010 February 26

I can’t possibly give you all my thoughts about yesterday’s health care summit meeting, but this .84 percent of President Obama’s 119 minutes worth of remarks does deserve some special attention.

First, a little set up. The President wanted to explain to the dullard Republicans and the rest of us watching on C-SPAN 3 (“The Tres!”) how not all insurance policies are equal. Now, this seems like an obvious thing to anyone with a brain in their heads, but the Lecturer-in-Chief felt the need to lay it out for us plainly with a story from his own past. That was the reason he decided to reach deep into his Bag O’Brilliant Homespun Analogies and pick a winner (as opposed to this winner-picking from another place entirely). Alas for him, the only thing he managed to prove is that he doesn’t know how insurance works. read more…

The Green Police, They…Aren’t All That Funny.

2010 February 9

Of all the commercials I saw during Sunday’s Super Bowl, the creepiest by far was Audi’s “Green Police” ad which was supposed to laugh at the poor, beknighted fools being hauled away to goodness knows where by a new environmental police force while the cool Audi drivers got to speed away from the Stasi…I’m sorry, Green Police’s, disapproval.

Michelle Malkin has done most of the heavy lifting as to why the commercial’s real message of “fascism is fun!” isn’t quite so funny when you consider that the enviro-cops have already set up shop, albeit sans catchy Cheap Trick knock-off soundtrack. I won’t cover the ground she’s already covered very well, but I will highlight one big fat lie on Audi’s “Green Police” web site.

Here, according to Audi, is why their commercial is really just an innocent bag of yuks.

Now consumers have help, from the Green Police. read more…

“Daddy” Obama Hits the Airwaves

2010 January 26

Last Wednesday, the President sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos for a wide ranging interview on the occasion of his first year as President. Stephanopoulos, thus honored, pressed the President on such matters as why Republicans are so mean, why nothing that’s going wrong in the country right now is actually Barack Obama’s fault, and why the American people can’t seem to understand his brilliant schemes.

If those don’t seem like particularly tough topics, it’s because they’re not. They are big, fat marshamallows lobbed by a good friend of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for Emanuel’s boss to knock out of the park in impressive fashion. Stephanopoulos and Emanuel are such such close friends that if George found himself on Cash Cab and needed someone for a Mobile Shout-Out, Rahm would be on the very short list to get that call. read more…

Howard Fineman Belly-flops Into The Keith Olbermann Crazy Pool

2010 January 21

I make a habit of not paying attention to Keith Olbermann much for the same reason I wouldn’t pay attention to a grimy, addlepated hobo on the streetcorner wearing a sandwich board that said “Will Drop Pants for Food”. I think him about as intelligent as a pet rock and as sensible as a pair of 4-inch stiletto heels on an ice-covered sidewalk.

However, I have to admit that his show managed to surprise me last night, though not for anything Olbermann did. He couldn’t drive my opinion of him any lower if he showed up on camera wearing a dead puppy like a hat. No, he didn’t do anything out of the ordinary but his guest, a formerly-respectable member of the mainstream media, certainly did. read more…

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