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Lunch Break

2009 November 16


October 11, 2008
A sonnet to another hero,  Barney Clark,  first recipient of an artificial heart.    Barney endured several painful operations as much for the cause of science as for himself. I liken him to Prometheus,  the Titan who was tortured by the gods when he  defied them  and brought fire to humans.

Like the first man on earth he was thrown

From leafy softness to be fettered leper-like apart;

A machine became his god,  a clock his heart, read more…

Lunch Break

2009 November 1

Butters, the cat of NewsReal's Managing Editor.

Random Thoughts About a Cat:

Why is there something instead of nothing? How is it that existence exists? Such questions are compounded in wonder by the miracle of our water planet, rocketing through space, where life exists and flourishes.

Why is there such a thing as LIFE? How can life exist and flourish?

A philosopher must be one who wonders. He is an appreciator, relishing the fact of existence, accepting–even if painfully–that you cannot go beyond existence in your reasoning. Existence exists: this is reality’s final redoubt, which reason cannot conquer. Reason cannot go beyond it, behind it.

But this is not cause for frustration, like Sisyphus and his rock. Rather, accepting existence as an absolute gives reason a foundation, a guide to TRUTH, which allows it to explore the vast universe and uncover its secrets. read more…

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