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Still Got That Old-Time “Separate But Equal” Spirit

2010 March 22

Segregation, ethnic cleansing, and double standards

Staying true to their separate-but-equal roots, the Democrat party has once again decided to impose different standards and different laws on different people because some people, apparently, matter a whole lot more than others.

Fresh off the heels of blocking a vote on a bill recognizing the Armenian genocide so as to not offend our pseudo-ally, Turkey, with reality or having to take responsibility for their action, the Obama administration condemned Israel for undertaking a project to build 1600 new homes in a previously undisputed part of Jerusalem, a city which is already de facto divided due to pressure from hostile nations. This, after Israel agreed to halt the building of “settlements” in Judea and Samaria for ten months just to appease them.

Not only is Israel the only nation which cannot gain and maintain territory through wars of self-defense or whose borders are perpetually negotiable, but they apparently do not deserve the means to defend themselves, either. The administration which arms and trains the PA’s military, a terror organization for all intents and purposes, diverted a shipment of bunker busters from Israel just this week. read more…

Today’s Exploitation of Religion for Political Purposes Fail, Brought to You By Nahhhncy Pelohhhsi

2010 March 19

Dear Nancy Pelosi,

Your nonsensical and transparently socialist diatribe this morning, during which you chose to call us to pray to Saint Joseph, was neither here nor there.

When it is instantly apparent to a Jew that you chose the wrong saint to invoke then it’s pretty obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about.

read more…

Fmr. Gen. Sheehan Says Gays in the Military Caused the Srebrenica Massacre and Other Benign But Arguably Objectionable Things Which Caused Completely Unrelated Hoaxes to Retroactively Materialize

2010 March 19

No, he really said that.  Fresh from the Leftist Parallel Universe:

And in other news:

Jihad Jane, YouTube, and Me

2010 March 16

Social networking and the jihad.

I have been somewhat reluctant to write about my encounters with Jihad Jane/Fatima LaRose because I have come to the conclusion that notoriety was exactly what she was always after, probably having given up on respect or happiness long ago. She struck me as someone whose entire life was one big, desperate cry for attention and help. It never occurred to me that she was actually dangerous, just a pathetic wannabe who wanted to be accepted by other Muslims suffering from teenage angst. I was wrong.

I was never a member of the Smackdown Corps, just someone with a YouTube account and an avatar which Jihad Jane hated with a passion. Our relationship, if one can call it that, consisted of her stalking me around YouTube for about a month last spring, when she was using her Justice4OurSisters, jihadjaneishere, and BeyondPrincess (or some analogue of BeyondPrincess) accounts. I frequently receive death threats on YouTube, so I don’t pay much attention to regular old trolls, which is what I thought Jihad Jane was at first, before her obsessive tendencies became more apparent. I already knew who she was from the Jawa Report and because she had cloned my friend’s account to smear her, but I didn’t realize it was her contacting me at first. read more…

Islam’s “Inherent Truth” and Why John Will Never Acknowledge It

2010 March 15

The Sira of Ibn Ishaq, containing Muhammad’s moderate decree to his followers to “[k]ill any Jew who comes under your power” (p. 369).

John Guardiano, seemingly determined to keep trying to prove without any proof his point about the existence of moderate Islam by conflating expansionist, genocidal jihad with Jewish self-defense, calling Muhammad (the man whom all Muslims by definition and without exception vow to emulate in word, deed, and thought per Sura 33:21) a caricature, and never once addressing the subject of Islam itself, now claims that Islam contains an “inherent truth” which he curiously won’t acknowledge, as David Forsmark noted.

Guardiano can’t acknowledge this inherent truth because doing so would necessarily make him (a) a Mohammedan and (b) certifiably retarded.

If you acknowledge Islam’s inherent truth then you’re a Mohammedan by definition.  Its only “truth,” which purports itself to be self-evident using cyclical logic, is that there is no sky-troll but Allah (since, if there’s only one god it’s the one to whom Allah prays in Sura 17 when he’s not busy fellating the illiterate, mass-murdering, child-molesting career parasite to whom he answers) and Muhammad is his prophet.  read more…

Just a Reminder: If & When Evan Bayh Votes to Enslave Us He Will Do It to Pad His Pocketbook

2010 March 15

Or really, he will do it to pad his and his wife’s pocketbook.  Indiana’s own wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry stands to make millions off the unconstitutional mandate contained in the JokerKare bill.  His wife sits on the board of Wellpoint.  Not that Evan Bayh ever represented Hoosiers or anything.

Incestuous Child Molestation Is Civilized Society’s Foundational Contract

2010 March 15

The sacred institution of incestuous child rape is the very glue which binds civilized societies such as those found in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Cleveland.

Oh, this post is kinda dark and slightly sarcastic, so heads up, everyone. read more…

Glenn Beck Really Doesn’t Get Europe

2010 March 9

Update: I got the video which Fox removed and it’s back.  Shhhh…

Beck knows America. He understands our great nation better than most, but he does not know very much about Europe. This occurred to me today when he called Geert Wilders a fascist, which, he explained, was the same as “far right” in the European context. What Glenn Beck fails to understand is that Geert Wilders defies categorization by European standards, which are so far to the left that they would require a dictatorship to enforce if Europeans weren’t complacent to the point of utter submission. read more…

A Most Fitting Tribute to Joe Biden

2010 March 8

Responding in kind to the Obama administration’s decision to send Joe Biden, the person with the most pro-mullah record in Washington, to convince Israel that they are serious about Iran, the Palestinian Authority is planning to mark his departure on Thursday with a tribute to his foreign policy. What better way to demonstrate to Israel that the Obama administration will magically be able to put an end to terrorism in the Middle East than to mark the end of Biden’s visit with a memorial to the murderer of 36 Israelis and one American? read more…

UC Irvine Students Protest Against Reality

2010 March 4

It’s protest season in the University of California system! Yes, folks, it’s that time of year when spring’s first green shoots begin to sprout, the birds fly back north, and moonbats imagine persecution and celebrate terrorism en masse on California campuses.

On Tuesday, students gathered at a “speak-out” rally in front of the administration building at UC Irvine in support of the “Irvine 11,” the group of thugs, organized by the Hamas-linked Muslim Students Union, who disrupted Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s speech on February 9th. Students, organized by the Black Student Union, the Muslim Students Union, and Students Fighting Against Tuition Hikes and Worker Layoffs, sported keffiyehs, carried Hamas flags, and shouted nonsense about how Israel’s being the only free country in the Middle East is racist or something, the term “racist” being, of course, a substitute for logic.

Did I mention that it’s Israel Apartheid Week? It must have gotten somewhat upstaged at UCI by all the other incoherent protests taking place and just opted to meld with them.  Then again, Israel Apartheid Week is the only “week” which is 14 days long (for consistency with moonbat logic), so maybe it’s just getting started.

The protest was ostensibly held – seriously – to oppose the administration’s statement that the February 9th arrests were unrelated to the racist incidents at other UC campuses which took place later and really were unrelated.  read more…

Re: Obama Appoints U.S. Muslim Envoy To OIC – FDR Should Have Sent American Nazi To Berlin

2010 March 2

FDR had a Nazi envoy. His name was Sumner Welles.  FDR also functioned as his own Nazi envoy at the Munich Conference of 1938.  FDR was all about appeasing the Nazis, with whom he took no issue until they started messing with Stalin’s precious commies.  Prior to that, he was more concerned with not alienating Nazi-sympathizing Democrats than with preserving freedom, democracy, the sovereignty of allied nations, or stopping genocide.

I would recommend John Roy Carlson’s Under Cover to those who are unaware of the Nazi history of the Democrat party.

Fontova: Castro Regime Murders Black Human Rights Activist

2010 March 2

By Humberto Fontova

Tamayo’s “disobedience” (against a regime hailed by “free spirits” from Johnny Depp to Bonnie Raitt) continued in proportion to his beatings and tortures. Tamayo remained –literally– “bloodied but unbowed.” Even Amnesty International recognized his plight and designated him an official “Prisoner of Conscience. His exasperating defiance simply prompted the regime hailed by Jesse Jackson, Charles Rangel and Danny Glover to more merciless beatings and to bump-up his sentence to 36 years in Castro’s dungeons.

A little perspective: After conviction for planting bombs in public places (by a judiciary process declared scrupulously fair by the attending international press and human rights organizations) Nelson Mandela got a lighter sentence than did Tamayo for a peaceful protest. Needless to add, the regime that jailed Mandela [a murderous terrorist who advocated multiple genocides and ran around with cannibals: ed] was universally embargoed and condemned– and with particular virulence by the precise parties who hail Castro (who forbids any and all international human rights groups/observers/etc. from so much as setting foot in his fiefdom).

Read the whole thing at Townhall.

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