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David Frum and His Pro-Pedophile Protege Alex Knepper

2010 October 8

Some of the new evidence to be presented in this post about the disturbing views of Alex Knepper, protege of David Frum.

Editor’s Note: This article contains disturbing, graphic, uncensored descriptions of sex acts with children. The editorial team has decided to present all the evidence as-is.

“Keep it up, you little pissant. I’ll make it further than you ever will because I’m the same in private as I am in public.”

Alex Knepper to David Swindle

The sexual exploitation of children is an almost unimaginable horror, abetted by the insidious online movement to paint pedophilia as just another puritan taboo.  It should be just as unimaginable that a prominent public intellectual would allow this evil to fester in the conservative movement, but that is precisely what former Bush administration speechwriter David Frum does each time he renews his support of former NewsReal Blog contributor Alex Knepper. read more…

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