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Why “The Expendables” Is More Than Popcorn Entertainment

2010 November 27

The movie The Expendables came out on DVD and on at least DISH pay-per-view this week.  Christa Banister from referred to it in her review as “. . .One Lame Throwback”  noting as well that it was “a needlessly violent assault on the senses” and “a mind-numbingly incoherent one at that.”  She even had the temerity to compare it (sort of) to Julia Roberts’ Eat, Pray, Love which Banister referred to as a “decidedly softer spiritual travelogue” (emphasis mine).  She could not be more wrong.

The basic plot involves The Expendables, a group of mercenaries who have seen better days being recruited to  clean up a problem and kill the bad guys on Vilena a South American island.  A job the government can’t (or won’t do), but a job The Expendables will do, for the right price.

While there’s no question that The Expendables returns us to a more interesting time for movies, I would submit that in fact it is more spiritual and more important than most other recently released movies (on DVD or otherwise).  Why?  As Klavan noted in his review, The Expendables is about “manhood – namely, the masculine imperatives to defend the girl, get the job done and be loyal to your buddies”.

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