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Trainwreck: Where the Mommy Wars Went Off Track

2010 November 17

Recently, I wrote a post entitled, In Defense of Women:  Why the Mommy Wars are Counter-Productive, in which I audaciously asked that those who criticize women’s parenting decisions “back off” and that we “find a middle ground.”  I did not state my personal position in the Mommy Wars, just that it was counter-productive to wage those wars via female politicians.  I can’t understand why, if a woman has made responsible and personal parenting choices, they should be fodder for political pundits.

In my post, I wrote, “positions are entrenched, and there is no room for seeing another’s point of view.”  In two new In the Family Way NRB posts, my entreaty for understanding has been met with … entrenched positions.

I sense that the authors think that I, too, might be a “feminist”.  I feel like I must respond.

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In Defense of Women: Why the Mommy Wars are Counter-Productive

2010 November 10

There is one subject in which I claim expert status:  Mommy guilt.

Raising three children, I’ve analyzed every decision I’ve ever made, no matter its seeming insignificance.  As a second-generation feminist, I’ve tortured myself with all the options my predecessors presented me.  Should I work outside the home?  Should I be a stay-at-home mom?  What about my independence and my career?  What about daycare germs?

I’ve agonized over the “correct” answers.

After a lot of soul-searching and careful consideration, I’ve made peace with my decisions.

So, here’s the deal:  I’d like everyone to back off, now.

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Dinosaurs Are Carnivorous: Why the Left and the Establishment Want to Destroy Conservative Women

2010 November 5

Careful, Girls! The Dinosaurs Bite.

Have you ever watched the Animal Planet shows on nature’s predators? There is one that highlights a lovely, young deer, drinking water from a pond. In the foliage, we see a shrewd and hungry lion skulking, preparing to attack its defenseless prey. The lion bursts out of the bushes, leaps…and bloodily kills the unsuspecting deer.

The lesson: an animal can be smart, fast and graceful, but if it is not the King of the Jungle, it does not stand a chance.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

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“Corrupt Bastard” Alert: The Mainstream Media Writes Joe Miller’s Campaign Story, Two Days Before the Election.

2010 November 2

At the age of four, I became a news junkie.  My first indoctrination was the Watergate hearings, which were on in place of my mother’s CBS soap operas.  I listened to Walter Cronkite and Robert MacNeil when they explained the Senate Committee’s findings.  Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw earned their stripes, as network correspondents.  I watched Sam Ervin and Howard Baker and Fred Thompson, and I was hooked.

The mainstream media networks were trustworthy.  Long before the cable news networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS investigated, reported, and ensured the public got the news they were entitled to hear.  Most importantly, they kept the government honest.

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