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What Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Get

2010 July 30

Don’t get me wrong—Rush rocks. He’s the voice of sanity and stability amidst the political and cultural chaos brewing these days. But he’s back on a theme this week that makes me throw things at the radio as he tries to get to the root of why leftists hate this country. It’s not that anything he says on the subject is wrong, it’s that he always stops short of the fundamental cause. read more…

NOW Stuck in “Groundhog Day,” Repeating Failing Leftism Over and Over Again

2010 February 11

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is struggling from bad press, a poor image and an alienated base. Rather than rethinking its message, it has decided that a PR campaign will boost its membership so that it can have a greater impact on the 2010 elections. Sadly, it’s always “Groundhog Day” day for these women, who have yet to take a hard look at the 21st century.

We’ve all heard the stereotypes before. That feminists are all shrill, radical, anti-family, man-hating “femi-Nazis.”  These ever-present conventions have deterred many from embracing the feminist label in general and NOW in particular, including women who have a vested interest and a real desire to be part of the women’s rights movement. The negative images have also been used in attempts to defeat feminist issues and candidates. To help counter this, NOW will kick-off the new millennium with a broad image campaign that depicts the many different kinds of women who are members and supporters of the organization and the progress that we have made.

NOW proves it’s incapable of self-reflection and refuses to consider whether their core beliefs are to blame. read more…

The Elephant in the Living Room: How the Media Buries Islam’s Contribution to Domestic Violence

2010 February 9

Feminists have occasionally tried to tie domestic violence to frivolous things like men’s anxiety over the Super Bowl (and now the Tim Tebow ads) but in this National Public Radio piece on shelter for battered Muslim women, no one mentions the custom-fit pachyderm propped up on the sofa: the fact that their own faith may contribute to their abuse.

Recognizing that they weren’t happy in the standard shelters, Asma Hanif wanted these women to be safe—not only safe from their husbands but evidently safe from the truth about Islam: in which women are routinely degraded and beaten with the express permission of Mohammed.

The women are here for many reasons. It’s a sanctuary and an escape. It’s also a place where they can live and pray without having their faith questioned. read more…

Blessed Virgin Mary Enlisted to Fight Burqa Ban

2010 January 27

Is this a new invitation to interfaith dialogue?

The French have recently indicated support for a ban on veils for women, but now one defender of the burqua has the audacity to suggest that the Blessed Mother would disapprove. In a disjointed and contradictory interview dished up on the BBC, a convert to Islam plays the “Christian card,” hoping to convince France that even Mary knew her place.  read more…

“Married to the Mob” Jihadi Edition

2010 January 26

Saudi Arabia finds another reprehensible way to abuse its women

How sweet— an Ivy League author is seriously intrigued with the notion that government-sponsored matchmaking may diminish the recidivism rate of Muslim terrorists. Harvard lecturer Jessica Stern chatted with Michelle Martin at National Public Radio (NPR) and stressed that victimization and alienation are the predominant factors that drive terrorists—much like inner city gangs in the United States. What they need, it seems, is a little career counseling and a wife. read more…

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