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Gabriella Hoffman is a sophomore at UC-San Diego who also balances life as a conservative activist. She’s majoring in Political Science and minoring in History. Unlike many out there today, Gabriella attributes her parents- Lithuanian immigrants- to her conservative upbringing. Her parents have a remarkable insight into conservatism because they fled the evil empire as political refugees in 1985 and entered the U.S. legally in 1986. Since age 9, she has watched Fox News and has been exposed to liberal injustices from early on. As a result, she is quite the firecracker in defending her conservative beliefs, and doesn’t hesitate to impart the corresponding message to friends and foes alike. Hoffman brought David Horowitz to campus May 2010, where he successfully highlighted the dangers involved in radical Islam with efforts like “Apartheid Week” and comments made by those proponents like Jumanah Albarhi. The event made national headlines, with mentions on Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. She is one of the foremost conservative activists at UC-San Diego, having interned with Young America's Foundation at the Reagan Ranch Center. Hoffman also blogs for San Diego Rostra, blogs for David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog, is Advertising Manager for UCSD's conservative paper-The California Review, and maintains her own blog:

Palestine Awareness Week Commences at SDSU

2011 March 2

Cross-posted from Gabriella Hoffman’s Blog.

Palestine Awareness Week (famously known as “Israel Apartheid Week” here at UCSD) at San Diego State University has commenced. This event will take place from March 1st-11th, 2011. read more…

UCLA Cuts Off Admission to Islamic Studies Program

2010 October 25

It looks like another victory against Islamofascism is underway.  UCLA made a daring move to temporarily freeze all admissions into its Islamic Studies program. As a result, several protests broke out on October 22nd, 2010, at the UC campus by the Muslim Students Association in wake of the decision. read more…

Student Group Cozies Up to Communists at “One Nation Working Together” Rally

2010 October 5

Having watched both Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally and its counterpart, “One Nation Working Together,” I am not surprised that organized student groups chose to align themselves with communists in the latter. What makes this rather terrifying is that groups like the United States Student Association (U.S.S.A.) openly propagate communist and socialist agendas to implement “education reform.” Do not be fooled by this cause, as student fees aimlessly put into these “humanitarian” groups breed contempt for American ideals.

The U.S. Student Association and its henchwoman Lindsay McCluskey appear dedicated to reforming education. “Organizing and fighting for college access and college affordability” sounds like a beautiful idea. Despite its perceived message, the U.S.S.A. and similar groups propagate  hidden agendas that advance “social” and “economic” justice–offspring of socialism and communism: read more…

UCI’s MSU Will Stop At Nothing to Advance “Free Speech”

2010 October 1

Following the suspension of the University of California—Irvine’s Muslim Student Union this past June, members of the MSU are bitter about the university’s decision. I reported on NewsReal Blog back in June  about the suspension as it was a milestone in suppressing their antics. Obviously, their reaction to the decision has only prompted their hate and schemes more. Do not buy into their lie of wanting free speech, as they wish to deny it to their opponents. read more…

Want to Immortalize Communists on Campus? Hang a Poster for Marxiness and Say Cheers to Leninade!

2010 September 23

I honestly do not understand individuals who admire communists. Maybe I am a delusional daughter of Lithuanian immigrants who “brainwashed” me with their anti-communist rhetoric. Maybe I am a paranoid conservative eager to dispel the myths that communists are not worth celebrating. Either way, it is frustrating that some Americans do not understand how evil these people are and fail to grasp the insurmountable number of people they killed! Try explaining that to my peers in college who hang up flags of Che Guevara and embrace the works of infamous Marxist-Leninists. Now, communists—alive and dead—continue to plague the halls, dorm walls, and social hubs at universities. Here at UC-San Diego there’s even a Che Cafe and  several  homages paid to a Messianic Obama around campus. read more…

McGill University Heckles Bike Riders After Campus-Wide Ban

2010 September 21

No conservative should fail to seize an opportunity to expose leftist injustices around them. What better place to observe and report than Montreal, Canada? My appreciation for the United States radiates more after venturing up north, not that I ever doubted my patriotism or renounced it until President Obama was elected. From global justice churches to attempts at creating “biodiversity,” Montreal did not fail to live up to expectations as a hotbed for socialist politics.

While exploring downtown Montreal, my family and I traversed upon famed institution McGill University. It seemed harmless at first with its nicely-manicured lawns, students lounging out and studying, and European architecture. Yet, police officers got hasty when students rode their bicycles. I was shocked and stunned to bear witness to this! It is time that someone dispel doubts, as we here in the United States should be weary of similar proposals that could tap into our already-troubled universities. read more…

Oh, Universities are Fair and Not Ridden with Leftist Bias!

2010 September 1

A study recently came out from my university, UC-San Diego, concluding that universities are not ridden by leftist bias. The study notes that campus characteristics—ranging from small liberal arts colleges to large universities—substantiate claims that campus conservatives gloat in their minority status and are quite comfortable with it. Bogus conclusions if you ask me! read more…

Me-Ouch! Hold On To Your Kitties Or Else…

2010 June 27

Trouble is brewing in the land of Ben and Jerry’s decadent ice cream. Unlike calls for secession from this rather odd state, the problem now looms with the city of Barre, VT and its impending law to enforce the use of cat leashes. Just when you thought our pets can be safe and unaffected by the radical changes heralded today, a local government has to encroach on a cat’s right to roam freely. Not only are humans losing their rights, our furry friends are being deprived of them too! Talk about madness.

Now, I am not a supporter of PETA and their radical efforts to advance animal rights. Yet, where are they as this furry household pet beckons for their support? They are nowhere to be found! Bill O’Reilly similarly brought this issue up and called the proponents of this leash law “pinheads” in his “Pinheads and Patriots” segment on his June 24th, 2010 show. read more…

UC-Irvine MSA Suspended: A Milestone in the Battle Against Islamo-fascism

2010 June 15

After a year filled with anti-Israel sentiments at University of California campuses, society can find solace in UC-Irvine’s decision to punish its Muslim Student Union. On June 14th, 2010, an AP piece revealed that the infamous UCI “11,” MSU hecklers that disrupted Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s speech in February, were convicted of charges ranging from disorderly conduct to obstruction of university activities. The MSU’s antics subsequently resulted in their year-long suspension at the University of California campus effective till August 31st, 2011. read more…

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