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Gynoguilt in Action: Journolist Femisogynist Recommends Bashing McCain’s Sarah Palin Selection as “Sexist”

2010 July 22

Reading the recent release of the Journolist discussion on the day of Sarah Palin’s selection to be John McCain’s running mate, I was surprised by how un-surprised I was . . . until I got to the part at which Suzanne Nossel – chief of operations at Human Rights Watch and author of Presumed Equal: What America’s Top Women Lawyers Really Think About Their Firms (1998) – suggests one possible way to attack McCain and discredit Sarah Palin:

“I think it is and can be spun as a profoundly sexist pick.  Women should feel umbrage at the idea that their votes can be attracted just by putting a woman, any woman, on the ticket no matter her qualifications or views.”

To her credit, Nossel asserts that she at least believes this to be true, but her suggestion is met with enthusiastic support from her fellow femisogynist conspirators.  Indeed, Jonathan Stein leaps on board by admitting that Palin’s being a woman is “the SINGLE thing that Palin brings to the ticket.”  Context matters here, of course, and he’s saying this because a female VP pick would have appealed to feminists, including faux feminists on the left.  Another woman being selected for vice president?  Isn’t that what feminists should rally behind?  Would normally rally behind?  Did rally behind when the woman in question was a liberal?  Yes, yes, and yes. read more…

Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzlies Metaphor: Striking At the Heart of Femisogyny

2010 July 13

Sarah Palin’s mama grizzly bear metaphor is the key to understanding why the left has a visceral (and vicious) reaction not only to Palin herself, but to all conservative women who are standing up, refusing to be relegated to the silent corners of oppression to which leftist feminists have worked so hard and long to relegate us.  Lori Ziganto coined the term “femisogynist” to describe leftist “feminists” who have donned the mantle of the oppressor, those misogynists that early feminists originally sought to expose and undo.  The term is not just apt, it’s brilliant.  Leftist feminists are not only anathema to women’s rights but are a danger to women everywhere because their goal is not to “give voice” to women but to herd and silence them, to “manage” them (a little like animals in a zoo).  Palin is on to them and she’s coming out swinging, as in her most recent web ad: read more…

White Guilt and Gynoguilt: How the Left’s Culture of Victimhood Undermines Equality

2010 July 7

As we all know, the Left and particularly its kudzu-like strangling of all aspects of academia is very fond of its “isms.”  Feminism, racism, whateverism–all purportedly designed to “call out” the oppressive white male and to tear down sexist walls, crash through glass ceilings, and break out of the cycle of oppression.

So imagine my surprise when, as a graduate student, I learned that I should not be teaching a particular female author in a Modern Literature class.  She’s an excellent, if under-read and under-appreciated, modern writer, but the chair of my department explained to me that her work should be taught in “women’s literature” classes. It turns out that faux feminists were happy to perpetuate the idea that the term “modern writer” actually means “white male modern writer” and that because of this, a woman cannot be a “modern writer” at all.  She’s a writer of “women’s literature.” read more…

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Already Equal To Men: Avoiding the Fallacies of Faux Feminism

2010 June 13

As the Right reclaims feminism from the Left, we should learn from their manifold mistakes. As Lori Ziganto reminds us, women “are already equal to men.” Feminists on the right understand that our equality does not come from man or government.

Leftist feminists have long held and hard hammered the belief that women are somehow less than men, that we need to stress our similarities while hiding our differences, preferably under shapeless tops, baggy trousers, and strident rhetoric. They’ve formulated their concept of “equality,” cramming all women into a one-size-fits-all pigeonhole. To conservative women this is patently absurd, but faux feminists are invested in ensuring that women embrace their “perpetual victim-hood.” When we reject that meme, we threaten the very foundation of leftist feminist “thought.” read more…

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