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Disney Presents: History of the Left – How the West was Lost

2010 November 14

A  little parable I put together, about the demoralization of the west through KGB “active measures” and leftist intellectualism

A collection of  films and writings relevant to this topic can be found  here. Material on this issue is embarrassingly scarce (or rather “scarce due to general embarrasment”) and  I would therefore encourage readers with an interest in soviet active measures to have a look at the ressource and maybe leave some suggestions for additional material.

MEMRI TV Founder Yigal Carmon on Muslim Holocaust Praise and Jew-hate

2010 October 11

Yigal Carmon at the U.N  – A Must Watch! read more…

Survivors of Left-Wing Education Policy Speak Out

2010 June 16

In communism there were some special prisons which were laboratories – Laboratories in which they believed they could create a communist personality. – When you said “I still believe in God” within five minutes you were full of blood.

I edited and subtitled these horrifying testimonies from the socialist re-education camp in Pitesti, Romania. Here Christians were brutally tortured and humiliated in an almost scientific manner. The objective: to make them stop believing in God and country.

I sincerely hope everyone will keep these voices in mind, the next time they hear the leftist media express their new found need to show  respect for “other people’s religion.”

The more I think about it, the more I feel compelled to conclude that the socialist persecution of Christianity never ended. It is, I’m convinced, still carried out to this day. What used to be done through “Black Liturgy”, is now simply achieved by an obsessive desire to “refute” creation by stressing evolution, exaggeration of Catholic propensity to paedophilia, relentless taunting of priests who are unwilling to grant homosexuals holy matrimony, and, last but not least, a complete media black out on the worldwide persecution of Christians.

But where does this deep-seated socialist hatred of Christians come from?

read more…

Milli Görüs – Then and Now

2010 April 12

Turkey is the biggest threat
– Walid Shoebat

I translated below a German News report showing the new tempered image of the Islamic Organization of Mili Görüs to be little but a masquerade intended to make life easier for German politicians eager for “dialogue.”

Milli Görüş is an Ottoman-Islamic movement inspired by Necmettin Erbakan’s writings and currently has around 300,000 followers in Europe. The political parties propagating Erbakan’s views were often banned in Turkey because they violated secularist legislation, but following the ban of the Virtue Party (FP) the movement split up in the Felicity Party representing Erbakan’s old guard, and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) led by younger and more pragmatic politicians around Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, now Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey.

Today Mili Görüs is highly engaged in agitation of the Turkish immigrants living in Europe and serves as something akin to a Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their flag shows all of Europe colored in green encompassed by a crescent moon, symbolising the complete Islamisation of the continent. read more…

Uncleanable Christians

2010 March 30

I dug up some more video about Muslim  “respect for other peoples faith”, and decided to make a short re-edit of the material originally recorded by France24. read more…

Who Won Our Hearts and Minds?

2010 March 24

A short bezmenovian satire I put together last night.

Sister Hatune’s Battle with Islamic Misogyny

2010 March 9

Church of St. Petronio:  Muhammad dragged into hell

I edited and translated a most heartbreaking testimony by Sister Hatune,  of the syrian-orthodox monastery in Warburg, Germany. She makes an amazing effort to help and  protect the ruthlessly persecuted Christians in Iraq.

In recent years a horrifying number of kidnappings, rapes and mutilations of iraqi Christian girls has been perpetrated by Muslim gangs. Some 700,000 Christians are fleeing this terror, but often find themselves exposed to similar dangers when they arrive in neighboring Muslim countries. With no rights and no help from authorities, they are surely in the most desperate of situations. read more…

Sweden’s Silent Exodus

2010 February 15

Hate crimes in Sweden, of which Jews were overwhelmingly the victims, doubled last year. And the Jewish community in Malmo is now half of what it once was. The Swedish newspaper Skånskan consequently ran a series of articles on Mӓlmo’s rampant anti-Semitism, which prompted an interview with mayor Ilmar Reepalu, entitled Israel has created an abscess.  Here is some of what he had to say:

Skånskan: Have you considered stating publicly that Malmo refuse to accept anti-Semitism. Or would that be too controversial?

Mayor of Malmo: We will neither accept zionism nor anti-Semitism. These are extremist beliefs whose adherents place themselves above other groups whom they view as inferior […]

I would have liked to see the Jewish community denounce the Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians. But instead they choose to have a [pro-Israeli] demonstration on the town square, which sent the wrong signal. read more…

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