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NRB’s Phyllis Chesler on BlogTalkRadio Tonight

2010 December 15

Dr. Phyllis Chesler joins BettyJean Kling on BlogTalkRadio tonight to talk about gender apartheid, honor killings, the burqa and the western faux feminist failure to address these major issues.

Tune in to the Free Us Now Radio Show at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, December 15th.

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Tammy Bruce: “It’s a Very Sad Day for Mama Ewoks”

2010 August 17

Tammy Bruce takes on the unintentionally hilarious new anti-Palin video put out by the progressive PAC EMILY’s List:

Calling all Mama Grizzlies! Ewokie’s List finally came out with their ‘attack’ on Sarah Palin. And let me just say, it’s a very sad day for Mama Ewoks. Or for people who dress up in bear suits. Is this what liberals did when they went to the, er, Coffee Parties that were so fabulously successful at energizing liberals to counter the Tea Party? Yeah, well, it gets hot in those Ewok suits!

Words really can’t do it justice, so see for yourself: read more…

10 Worst Places in the World to Live If You’re a Woman

2010 August 11

Violence, rape and little or no education is a fact of life for many women all over the globe. While the feminist movement took off in parts of the Western world, many women are still treated as second class citizens. Many endure violent daily events and manage to persevere and take care of their children in hopes of a better tomorrow.

  • Haiti. 75% of women in Haiti give birth at home. If that weren’t enough to deal with, AIDS is rampant and women are threatened by gangs of men whose only purpose is to hunt victims to rape. Many women have taken to the hills above Port au Prince just to stay safe as they try to work as street vendors. To make this trek, female street vendors usually end up spending a large portion of their profits to travel to safe territory to work. Girls as young as 11 and 12 years old turn to prostitution to help support their families since education for females in Haiti is non-existent in some areas. Nearly 50% of Haitian will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.
  • Papau New Guinea. Here women only receive an education until the fifth grade and then enter the work force. Women are four times as likely to have HIV as men. It is nearly impossible for women in Papau New Guinea to achieve financial independence due to lack of education. While the legal age for a female to be married in the country is 16, in most rural villages menstruation will suffice for making a young girl fit for marriage. In 2004, the UN released a report that said 21% of girls between the ages of 15-19 are widowed, divorced or married. According to Amnesty International about 150 women per year are executed for accusation of practicing witchcraft.

Continue reading at The New Agenda.


2010 July 20

by Ian Lazaran

This will be my last word on the issue of “refudiate.” The politically aware liberals are conceding that Palin is winning on this issue but smarter liberals are going a step further by ackowledging that Palin’s “suggestion that English is a living, evolving language is pretty salient. Words get created all the time, and once such a word is created, it sometimes enters common usage—and the AP stylebook—forever.”

Her “gaffe,” if you want to call it one, is fundamentally different than some of most prominent Obama gaffes. Obama’s most memorable gaffes are actually insults of people who are different from him.

Read the whole thing at C4P.

When it Comes to Palin, Romney Decides the Gutter Suits Him Best

2010 July 17

by Tammy Bruce

It wasn’t hard to notice that no Republican “leader” came to the fore condemning the racist and sexist attacks against Nikki Haley by fellow Republicans during her primary season. Nor have any of them said anything about the sex-based ad hominem attacks against Sarah Palin, which continue to this day.

During the Conservatives4Palin meetup in San Diego this past weekend I warned that wonderful group that attacks on Palin would most certain all be based in the gutter, framed on mental state and sexuality. I also predicted, btw, that they would eventually go after Todd Palin in the same manner. I repeated that warning Monday on Tammy Radio, noting there as well that there would be no more free shots at Sarah Palin; we would answer and expose the rank sexism which we’ve already seen emerge in both parties against women who dare to knock on the door of power. Here’s a relevant clip from that Monday show, addressing direct attacks on Palin and the silence of so-called Republican “leadership” when Republican women are smeared:

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Olbermann Wouldn’t Call a Woman “Idiot”?

2010 July 13

by Brad Wilmouth

Since April 8 of this year, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann has called former Governor Sarah Palin an “idiot” 22 times on his Countdown show, usually by uttering the words, “That woman is an idiot.” But in August 2004, the MSNBC host claimed to be too “naive and old-fashioned” to call a woman an “idiot,” as he attacked conservative commentator Michelle Malkin for misquoting him as having called her an “idiot,” when, in reality, he had charged that she had “made a fool out of herself” instead. In fact, Olbermann contended that if he had in reality called Malkin an “idiot,” it would have been grounds for him to apologize:

Continue reading at NewsBusters.

Who Needs a Woman Speaker?

2010 July 6

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Usually, people want to stand up and be counted. During the most recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Solicitor General Elena Kagan’s, I wanted to do just the opposite.

The moment occurred while Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota was speechifying about women’s “progress.” She was reveling in the same kind of political victimhood that frequently seems to perversely empower liberal women who work in Washington. It helps with their ideologically advantageous illusion that women are somehow oppressed in the United States, despite the fact that, say, the secretary of state is a woman (as has been the case more often than not lately).

Continue reading at National Review Online.

No, Sexual Violence Is Not ‘Cultural’

2010 June 26

by Lisa Shannon

A month into my first trip to eastern Congo, site of the deadliest conflict since World War II, I had heard plenty of horror stories — from forced cannibalism to the burning alive of the inhabitants of entire villages. I was no longer easily shocked. But one exchange with an aid worker stopped me cold.

I arrived in Baraka, a town on Lake Tanganyika that was overrun with Congolese soldiers and international aid workers, in February 2007. I asked a disheveled European woman working with the United Nations about security. She enthusiastically described her pet video project, to convince refugees in neighboring Tanzania that it was safe to return home.

“Foreign militias are gone,” she said. “Just rapes and looting for the moment. No attacks.”

Stunned, I asked, “You don’t consider rape a security threat?”

“Rape here is so common,” she said. “It’s cultural.”

That was the first of many times I would hear mass rape in Congo dismissed as “cultural.”

Continue reading at The New York Times.

A Survivor’s Heartbreaking Account of Female Genital Mutilation

2010 June 26

Screenwriter Soraya Miré recently shared this bone-chilling account of her personal experience with female genital mutilation in the comments of a NewsReal post about the American Academy of Pediatrics’ support for FGM in America:

Seriously…the pain and torture of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) will certainly tear a child’s heart like a ripped cloth! As a Somali-American, a survivor, I still remember the day they tied my wrists and legs down to the surgical table to prick and mutilate the hell out of me. I screamed with pain as I fought to get free but, no-one listened to the cries rising from my depth. read more…

Female Circumcision Widespread in Northern Iraq

2010 June 19

by Suad Abdulrahman

Violence in Iraq may have abated. But in the northern region of Kurdistan, women continue to suffer. A new report by Human Rights Watch, out this week, calls for a ban on the widespread practice of female circumcision in Kurdistan.

Known locally as “xatana” and described as a “harmful traditional practice” by the United Nations, the procedure is brutal and sometimes enforced on girls as young as 3. Typically, the child is taken to the midwife’s house and, while several women hold the girl down, the midwife cuts her clitoris with a sharp razor that is sometimes unclean or used to cut several girls in succession. Girls who hear the screams and try to run away are dragged back for their turn. Most women recall the intense pain for many years.

Read the whole thing at The Daily Beast.

The Left’s Sexual Terrorism

2010 June 17

By Robin of Berkeley

The “wilding” of Palin was meant not just to demean her, but to frighten her. Leftists wanted to expose the raw nerve of vulnerability lying deep inside every woman’s soul. It is the knowledge that anytime, anywhere, we can be raped.

The word vulnerability comes from Latin word vulnerare which means “to wound.” And this is exactly what the Left has been doing to conservative women like Palin — terrorizing and wounding them.

The radicals are experts at controlling women. They’ve been dominating their own women for decades. To say that the Left is a safe harbor for women is to misunderstand their roots.

Read the whole thing at American Thinker.

Burqa Prejudice

2010 June 15

by Kidist Paulos Asrat

Muslims have criticized Sex and the City 2 as islamophobic and “orientalist,” although I see nothing wrong with the second charge other than its allusion to Edward Said’s petulant accusation of the West’s prejudice towards the Orient in his book Orientalism. But, Sex and the City 2 is more convoluted and confused than that. It tries to be Islamocentric – all cultures are good, after all, and often non-Western cultures more so. But then, the feminist side of the Sex and the City gals and the writers kicks in, and they just don’t know what to do about all those insufferable Arab men who are holding their women down, especially through that ubiquitous burqa. Yet, yet, these Muslim women wear their burqas with pride, and insist that no one forces it on them. At least that’s what Naomi Wolf says.

But, in our own Western lands, the focus on the burqa and the niqab must not be what Muslim women allegedly like or want to wear (the covering is not an option for Muslim women), but what it means to our societies.

Read the whole thing at FrontPage Magazine.

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