Veronica and Hugo Estrada

Veronica and Hugo blog individually at David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog and have their own websites, but find their greatest joy in collaborative research and writing when they're not busy raising their all-American crew of 5. They're concerned about the infringements of our nation’s sovereignty and individual rights via international law and are most interested in exposing transnational progressive activism directed at undermining the Constitution with impunity. We should all employ Stronger Reason as Citizen Scholars to defeat the Left.

Obama’s Human Rights and Non-Nuclear Utopia

2010 May 11

Changing America: human rights outweighing sovereignty and national defense

Lest Senate Democrats choose to insert the language of S. 1346 into another bill, sitting en queue is The Bill Dick Cheney and the Sundry Bad Guys Who Prosecuted The Engagement Formerly Known as WOT TM should be worried about.

So should anyone else who defends America on foreign soil. So should our allies. read more…

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