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D.M. Murdock is an independent scholar of comparative religion and a critic of religious pathology, including and especially that of Islam. Her blog may be found at


2011 January 3

True Islamophobes, clockwise from the left: Michael Bloomberg, Rowan Williams, Janet Napolitano, Prince Charles

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” -Winston Churchill


2010 December 30
Islamomisogyny image from

The obvious truth that Islam hates women

Pakistan’s “Blasphemy” Disgrace

2010 November 15

Cross-posted from FreeThought Nation

It is simply disgraceful that in this day and age barbaric and savage “blasphemy” laws are on the books in any country on this small planet with its umpteen religious faiths, sects and cults, which frequently contradict each other. Technically speaking, it seems that we could “blaspheme” any number of sick man-made cults every time we wake up – or even while we’re asleep. read more…

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