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Was Sarah Palin Snookered Into Endorsing a Stealth Anti-Israel Candidate?

2010 February 2

Rand Paul let the truth of his positions slip to the execrable Truther nutjob Alex Jones.

Previously today NewsReal ran a Point/Counterpoint between Janet Levy and myself regarding Governor Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Rand Paul for Senate.

Janet expressed strong concerns regarding Paul’s foreign policy views and argued that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” in reference to Paul’s notorious congressman father.

I pointed out that while Janet’s concerns about Paul’s views were legitimate, it appeared as though he did not foster the anti-Israel impulses of his father.

Well, upon further research into the matter it looks like we have a reason why Rand at least looks different from his Pops. read more…

Bernie Goldberg Thinks I’m a “Kool Aid Drinker” Since I Was Unimpressed by His Toothless Criticisms of the “Hard Right” on O’Reilly

2010 February 2

Am I a Kool Aid drinker? Well, this morning I’m actually a coffee drinker. The Kool Aid pitcher in the Swindle-Bey household fridge is just about empty right now.

I bring it up because apparently Fox News commentator Bernie Goldberg seems to think he knows what I’m drinking these days.

Last night I did a few live-blogging posts about the O’Reilly Factor. These were my comments about Bernie Goldberg’s appearance: read more…

From the Writings of David Horowitz: February 2, 2010

2010 February 2

Isaac Deutscher was my friend and mentor and so I write the following with heartfelt regret. He was a brilliant, innovative thinker and literary stylist, but his life’s work, including his masterpiece on Trotsky, is finally a monument to the intellectual bankruptcy of Marxism itself. When all is said and done, the Trotsky biography must be seen as an incomparably sad waste of a remarkable individual talent. The intellectual framework of Deutscher’s portrait of Trotsky, including the standard by which its hero’s thoughts and deeds are measured, has been utterly falsified by the historical events since the author’s death in 1967. read more…

Bernard Goldberg’s Attacks on the Faceless “Hard Right”

2010 February 1

I live-blogged The O’Reilly Factor tonight. Looks like Gateway Pundit had the same reaction to this rather cowardly Bernard Goldberg commentary that I did.

Links to my 4 live-blog posts:

Bill, Just SHUT UP for ONE MINUTE!
Bill Was a Bit Better with Gavin Newsom
Bernie Goldberg is Worried About… “The Hard Right”?
Bernie Goldberg Back on Track: NY Times All Over O’Keefe Break In by AWOL on ACORN

Bernie Goldberg Back on Track: NY Times All Over O’Keefe Break In by AWOL on ACORN

2010 February 1

Live Blogging The O’Reilly Factor

Yes, this dijon mustard on my crackers was definitely a good idea.

Coincidentally: Bernard Goldberg is back on track in his commentary after his previous segment’s wimpy criticism of “the Hard Right.”

He’s pointing out that the New York Times‘ coverage of the recent arrest of James O’Keefe is far greater than their coverage of the ACORN scandal which O’Keefe unearthed. This is a fantastic — albeit rather obvious — point. Yes, the Times is going to gang up on a Gen Y conservative activist instead of doing real journalism about a corrupt leftist organization.

Who could have seen that coming?

Bernie Goldberg is Worried About… “The Hard Right”?

2010 February 1

Live Blogging the O’Reilly Factor

“The Hard Right is behaving more and more like the Hard Left and that’s very troublesome.” — Bernie Goldberg on The O’Reilly Factor right now.

I find it odd that Goldberg is criticizing “the Hard Right” but does not have the guts to name names.

It’s also strange that Goldberg has to poke at unnamed conservatives for tweaking Obama’s 57 states gaff and for putting dijon mustard on his hamburger.

Hmm… I think I have some dijon mustard in the refrigerator now that might go well with these crackers I’m eating now…

Bill Was a Bit Better with Gavin Newsom

2010 February 1

Bill O’Reilly seemed to calm down as he interviewed San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom. He allowed Newsom to answer questions and was much more respectful. (Which is somewhat odd since Newsom is certainly well to the Left of previous interview Time columnist Joe Klein who Papa Bear O’Reilly handled with claws drawn.)

Unfortunately Newsom clearly won the debate about progressive governance in San Francisco. Who knows whether Newsom’s facts were legitimate but O’Reilly was ill-prepared and had to retreat into irrelevancies like pan-handling in San Francisco.

Bill, Just SHUT UP for ONE MINUTE!

2010 February 1

From the Interviews of David Horowitz: February 1, 2010

2010 February 1

FP: As a former believer in the progressive faith, what advantages do you think you have to dissect the leftist mindset? Also, if you had remained a leftist you might have today been marching in an anti-Bush rally, cheering for the victory of our Islamist enemies. But that is not the case. What do you think it was in your character and outlook that made it impossible for you to continue along a journey in which you would have ended up doing what I just hypothetically described?

Horowitz: In Unholy Alliance I have shown the parallels between the thinking of secular radicals and Islamic radicals. Sayyid Qutb, the theoretical inspiration for Islamic Jihad has even written a book called Social Justice in Islam. The idea of “Social Justice,” which is really a code for communism and a religious concept is the political left’s sha’ria — the divine law instituted on earth. The Islamic radicals want to impose sha’ria or God’s law on the world as a way to redeem it from the corruption into which it has fallen and make it holy. Since God obviously is not going to have a say in this and what they are imposing is their own rule, and a rule that will be comprehensive and all pervasive, they are totalitarians in exactly the sense that Communists and Nazis were in the past. The revolutionary agenda of progressive leftists is to impose or bring about the similarly universal and all inclusive rule of “social justice,” whose only practical meaning is to impose their will through the power of the state on the rest of us. This is the same totalitarian agenda (although some of the words they use to describe it have changed) that they supported in the century just past, and that cost 100 million innocent lives. Like the Bourbons, they never learn and they never forget. read more…

Is the Internet Destroying Our Lives or Enriching Them?

2010 January 31

My friend Douglas Rushkoff, author of the must-read book Life Inc., has a new documentary on PBS on February 2 at 9:00 PM EST. It’s called Digital Nation and is about the effects of the internet on our culture and lives.

Salon has a story worth reading which interviews Rushkoff about this new project.

Let’s see, so the digital revolution led us all to this: a gigantic, commercial, high school reunion/mall filthy with insipid tabloid trivia, populated by perpetually distracted, texting, tweeting demi-humans. Yes, the information age truly is every bit as glorious and special as everyone predicted it would be! read more…

From the Writings of David Horowitz: January 31, 2010

2010 January 31

When Sarah settled into the new apartment on Bush Street, she became master of her own space and began to move in new directions. “She wanted to be a different person, wanted a new life,” Emily recalls. “She loved living by herself, without roommates; it gave her a new independence. Whatever she did now didn’t involve socially who she was living with, and this allowed her to really define herself and in particular to embark on her religious path.”

The year after the move a friend introduced her to Congregation Beth Sholom in San Francisco’s Richmond District, and not long afterwards she joined. It was the first time she had attended a shul regularly since her Bat Mitzvah twenty years before. Emily had recently undergone a conversion to Judaism and had seen Sarah’s engagement coming for a long time. When they were roommates, they had prepared Passover dinners regularly, and Emily felt that “Sarah always craved some connection with Judiasm that was appropriate for her and in line with her beliefs.” Judaism provided an added attraction in the fact that “it is the only religion where being a good writer and a good reader are important and that’s what Sarah was about. So it was a perfect marriage.” read more…

Ann Coulter on Geraldo at 10 PM EST Tonight

2010 January 30

Conservatism’s Queen, Ann Coulter, will be on Geraldo tonight at 10:00 PM EST.

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