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Anti-Semitic Comment of the Day From a Chomsky True Believer

2010 May 30

A comment from someone named Peter Smillie on Alexander Levkovsky’s post on Israel and Iran:

you are all mental. you move you families from the safety of america into a war zone, and blame it on ‘insane neigbours’ If i want my children to grow up safe i wouldnt take them to a patch of barren land that a book written 2000 years ago says is mine, and then wonder what all the fuss is about when i kick out the people that live there, you are all out of your minds. read more…

The Hate-America Left: Enforcing Immigration Laws is a Second Holocaust

2010 May 30

Our friend Donald Douglas has a MUST READ post at American Power.

Donald unmasks the raw hatred of America and naked radicalism of pro-illegal immigration protesters in Arizona. He also shows the brazenness with which the mainstream media covered up the reality of this protest. read more…

Lunch Break: Just Try and Find a Cooler Anti-Communist Cartoon Than This…

2010 May 30

April got this classic 1973 French animated film from Netflix by chance. She’d been getting a lot of odd anime movies — most of which I had no interest in whatsoever — and was automatically recommended a film called Fantastic Planet. The beautifully animated little epic tells the story of the Oms and the Traags. The Oms are basically humans and the Traags are the giant, blue-skinned overlords who keep them as pets and exterminate them like rodents. The picture is loaded with glorious, surreal imagery. It’s an absolute joy to watch.

Apparently the film is also an anti-communist allegory, depicting the Soviet Union’s abuse of its satellite states in the form of the way the Traags torment the Oms. Check it out.

Lunch Break: A Great Blog For DVD Fans

2010 May 29

I first met John King in December of 2002. I was a freshman at Ball State University applying for a position as an op/ed columnist for the Ball State Daily News. John was a grad student and the editorial page’s editor. And he gave me the position and encouraged me. A few years after that John was teaching in the English department and I took his screenwriting class and learned the fundamentals of the medium.

John started a great new blog a few months back called Little Round Mirrors. His objective: to watch all 500+ films in his DVD collection and blog about them. It’s not a film review site so much as an opportunity to reflect on his relationship with and life experiences related to movies that he’s acquired over the years. I enthusiastically recommend checking it out.

NRB Book Club: Hating Whitey

2010 May 29

Mosquitoes and Oil Spills: The Left’s Guilt in Killing the Planet

2010 May 28

Five deadly words: “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Charles Krauthammer has the definitive column on the BP oil spill:

Heres my question: Why are we drilling in 5,000 feet of water in the first place?

Many reasons, but this one goes unmentioned: Environmental chic has driven us out there. read more…

Rookie Rand #2: No Citizenship for Children of Illegal Immigrants

2010 May 28

Calvin Frieburger’s designation of Rand Paul as “Rookie Rand” — a politically inexperienced amateur who just says whatever pops into his head no matter how politically damaging it could be — comes to mind again.

The AP reports:

FRANKFORT, Ky. — U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul is stirring it up again, this time by saying he opposes citizenship for children born in the U.S. to parents who are illegal immigrants.

Paul, who a week ago won the GOP primary, told a Russian TV station in a clip circulating on political Web sites Friday that he wants to block citizenship to those children. read more…

Lunch Break: Maura Swindle Before and After

2010 May 27

Also note the before and after that she’s done on our coffee table as well…

James Carville Vs. Barack Obama

2010 May 26

“They [the Obama administration] are risking everything with this go-along with BP strategy they’re having.”

Moronic Comment of the Day: Drug Criminalization is a “Holocaust”

2010 May 26

In Calvin’s original article on libertarianism’s difference from conservatism he pointed out how fairly minor issues like drug legalization, prostitution, and gambling are given way too much attention by libertarian ideologues. He was challenged in the comments of his original post.

But Calvin’s right. Just survey the comments to my follow-up to Calvin’s post. read more…

Is Huffington Post in Third Grade?

2010 May 26

This is just really pathetic.

At Huffington Post they have a post up right now responding to a new ice cream treat at McDonald’s. Here’s what it’s called: read more…

Expanding on Libertarian Tunnel Vision… Now Islamic Gender Apartheid

2010 May 25

Calvin Freiburger had a great post the other day about Rand Paul’s Civil Rights Act troubles.

Calvin nailed it:

More importantly, the affair crystallizes a key difference between conservatism and libertarianism. Both ostensibly stem from the same presuppositions—individuals have certain inalienable rights and government must be strictly limited so it’s power and scope extend no further than protecting those rights.  But if modern libertarianism’s most high-profile representatives are any indication, their ideology’s purity comes at the expense of another value the Founding Fathers deemed essential to good government: prudence. read more…

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