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Lunch Break: Five Years of Ants on a Scanner

2010 July 31

Hat tip Boing Boing

ANTS in my scanner > a five years time-lapse! from françois vautier on Vimeo.

Is Capitalism Natural? (Videos 2 and 3 of NRB Dialogue with Howard Bloom)

2010 July 30

Click the image above to purchase Global Brain, the book discussed in today's portion of the interview with author Howard Bloom.

Click here for the video of part 1 of this interview.

Click here for my FrontPage Magazine review of this and the author’s other books.

Today I’m offering parts 2 and 3 of my dialogue with author Howard Bloom. In these clips Howard takes us far back to the origins of life on this planet to show the patterns that still drive us today. As with part 1 of the interview — which I strongly encourage you to watch before diving into these new segments — I’ve illustrated the discussion with a variety of images.

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New Commenting Policy: Time to Register

2010 July 30

We’ve been having various problems with Intense Debate lately. Many of our regular commenters have been reporting that their comments have frequently been held for moderation. They’ve also reported that sometimes they’ve had difficulty commenting at all.

We’re switching our settings now so that all commenters will need to create an Intense Debate account in order to comment. This should resolve these issues we’ve been having — and also clean up the comments in general.

Before anyone starts cackling: this is entirely normal within the blogosphere and plenty of sites have an identical commenting policy.

Please Support the Freedom Center’s New TV Ad Campaign on Obama and Israel

2010 July 27

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NRB Book Club: Christopher Hitchens and His Critics

2010 July 27

Yesterday David Horowitz dropped by my office, said “I’ve got a present for you,” and handed me an Amazon box. I opened it up and this book was inside. I was thrilled — I’ve been wanting to read this one for awhile now.

Simple position on WikiLeaks: Release Classified Documents, Go to Jail

2010 July 26

The developing conventional wisdom throughout the conservative blogosphere seems to be that the 92,000 documents on Afghanistan dumped by the leftist Wikileaks site are meaningless. These aren’t the Pentagon Papers. We know what’s in them.

This argument — true or false — is beside the point. Whether these documents contain important material or not it’s too soon to say. (There’s 92,000 pages here!) The potential danger should not be downplayed. read more…

Meltdown Your Kindle with NRB’s FREE Keith Olbermann E-Book Now in Kindle Format!

2010 July 25

NewsReal Blog‘s debut installment in the David Horowitz Digital Library, Meltdown with Keith Olbermann Volume One, is now available in Kindle format. Download it by clicking here or on the above image. Download it in PDF format here.

Join our email list here and you’ll get every new ebook 2 weeks sooner than they’re released to the general public. Meltdown with Keith Olbermann Volume Two will be coming out August 4. (Subscribers have already received it.)

Lunch Break: Can Your Dog Do This?

2010 July 25

Calvin, There’s No Moderate Way to State the Shocking Truths of Islam’s Reality – Or Avoid the Left’s Fears and Smears

2010 July 25

For more of Bosch Fawstin's work check out


For the sake of a focused dialogue I’ll put aside the semantic question of whether we should regard Islam as a religion or a political movement. In fact I’ll yield to Bosch Fawstin’s precise, useful terminology of Islam as a “political religion.” The words do not matter so much as how we respond to the thing itself. I drift more toward the “political movement” side of the spectrum because I argue that it should be treated in that fashion — as a body of ideas that need to be eradicated (as should be done with all insidious philosophies,) not a religion to be respected. Islam needs to be “eradicated” (a term that makes you uncomfortable, though admittedly I hesitated for a moment before deciding to publish Jeanette’s post) for the same reasons that the Left does.

The key issue here for discussion is one of tactics in waging this intellectual war. read more…

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(VIDEO) NRB Dialogue with Howard Bloom, Part 1: The Lucifer Principle

2010 July 24

For more on Howard Bloom click here.

To purchase The Lucifer Principle click here.

Calvin, is Islam a Religion or a Political Movement?

2010 July 24

For more of Bosch Fawstin's artwork visit

Last night my friend Calvin Freiburger took issue with the rhetoric in my friend Jeanette Pryor’s provocatively titled post “It’s Time to Put the Coffee Down and Eradicate Islam in the West.”

Calvin cites the constitutional provisions of freedom of religion, cautions that we need to support Muslim reformers, and strategizes that it’s important that we temper our rhetoric to engage the moderate center. These are all thoughtful, well-intended sentiments that I supported not long ago. But I don’t anymore. And here’s why. read more…

(VIDEO) NRB Dialogue with Howard Bloom, Part 1: The Lucifer Principle

2010 July 23

For awhile now I’ve been talking up author Howard Bloom. I’ve referenced his work in numerous posts, featured his books in NRB book club and then earlier this month I reviewed his newest book for FrontPage in an article titled “How Science Crushes the Left.”

Tuesday night I had the exciting experience of getting to interview Howard for two hours. Over the course of our talk he laid out the central themes behind his three books and makes clear his general approach to interpreting the world. I then got to get his take on the issues that we care about most at NRB — foreign policy, Israel, Islam, and capitalism. read more…

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