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David Forsmark is the owner and president of Winning Strategies, a full service political consulting firm in Michigan. David has been a regular columnist for Frontpage Magazine since 2006. For 20 years before that, he wrote book, movie and concert reviews as a stringer for the Flint Journal, a midsize daily newspaper.

Rick Sanchez Represents

2010 October 15

And they say it’s hard to come up with the right title…

NRB Book Club: Dexter is Delicious

2010 September 28

For a couple of seasons now, I’ve been saying that Showtime’s Dexter (reviewed excellently here by Walter Hudson) has surpassed the series of books they are based on. And since the producers of the television show have been more willing than author Jeff Lindsay to kill of certain characters, it’s sometimes confusing to read the books and watch the series, especially since the latest print installment tends to come out right before the series starts, presumably so each can capitalize off the popularity of the other. read more…

NRB Film Club: United 93

2010 September 11

Let’s roll…

Rick Sanchez: “Most” Disagree with Hostage Taking at Discovery Channel Building

2010 September 4

Calling Captain Obvious …

Did you know that most of CNN’s audience disagrees with hostage taking?  Rick Sanchez just wants to reassure you that while Discovery Channel gunman James Lee just wanted to save the planet, he may have gone a bit too far:

SANCHEZ: He’s a bit of an activist, a guy who truly believes, seemingly, in his heart that he needs to do all he can to save the planet. Most watching this would argue he may have taken it way too far on this day by endangering the lives of people in this building, as he seems to be doing right now.

“Most”?  “Seems to be”?  What the heck?

Is Sanchez qualifying his condemnation of the tactic for the Al Jazeera crowd?  If CNN wants to salvage any dignity on their trip to the ratings cellar, this airhead has got to go right now. read more…

Chris Matthews: Pluperfect Idiot

2010 September 3

Almost lost in the ludicrous exchange in which 3 pro-abortion fanatics who consider gay marriage to be the next big battle against bigotry defending the Catholic Church against Glenn Beck, was this outburst from Chrissy “Tingly Leg” Matthews– which was embarrassing, even by his low standard.

If he keeps this up, he won’t even be a useful idiot for the Left anymore:

MATTHEWS: This guy, Barack Obama—not to get too basic about it -did everything right.  He studied hard in school.  He obeyed the law.  He raised a family.  He took care of his family.  He was an excellent student.  He was on the “Harvard Law Review.”  He did every—he went through the democratic process.  He didn‘t go out and make a lot of money on Wall Street.  He gave himself to his community.  This guy is almost pluperfect, and they don‘t like him?

How can they not admire that he spent his life talking about radical politics and making millions off it?  What is the matter with middle America, anyway? read more…

And the Emmy for Dumbest Islamist Propagandist Goes To…

2010 September 1

Military professionals from the Vietnam era scornfully refer to the “McNamara 100,000”—the often reluctant draftees for whom standards were lowered in order to provide the numbers the administration thought would win the war. Many officers from that time insist that the increase in drug use, lack of discipline and overall degrading of the force stemmed from this policy.

The all-volunteer force is supposed to solve that problem for us—and there is plenty of evidence that the United States military man for man has never been a more effective, disciplined fighting force.

Exhibit One that standards may be slipping after 9 years of war: PFC Nasser Abdo. Apparently, he’s so stupid that a year ago, he had no idea that the United States Army was in combat operations in Muslim countries.

Al Jazeera, of course, jumped all over the story holding Abdo up as a heroic figure.

read more…

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Hate Speech: Meltdown with Keith Olbermann, Part 51

2010 August 31

MSNBC has launched an all out campaign to make being a Republican equivalent to hate speech.  Rachel Maddow calls it the “scaring white people” strategy.  Keith Olbermann decided that Muslims are the new… gays?

DAN SAVAGE of THE STRANGER to KEITH OLBERMANN:  Will they ever run out of people to hate and to campaign against and to vilify?  They can‘t run on their economic record.  Whenever the Republicans are in charge, they drive the car into the ditch, as President Obama is running around saying.

So, they have to hate and they have to stoke hate to drive voters and to scare voters, to scare their evangelical white Southern shrinking base to the polls.

The occasion of this outburst was the so-called “revelation” that former RNC Chair and Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman is gay.  (In other news, Barry Bonds used steroids.)  Keith Olbermann opined that Muslims are the new gays, who were the new blacks—though in a later surreal segment he would say that “federal bureaucrats” are the new… whatever. read more…


2010 August 31

MSNBC has been raising hate speech allegations against Republicans and conservatives all week in a desperate attempt to blunt the wave heading their Democrat allies’ way.  Now, they even have a logo for one branch of the campaign.

MATTHEWS: It’s not the first time [in this country] that smart people don’t know how to exploit stupid people.

Well, we know what you mean Chris, and you’re right either way.  But since you are on MSNBC, you don’t get the opportunity to exploit very many stupid people.

Douglas Brinkley—I Be a Writer

2010 August 30

On one of the endless 5 year reminiscences about Hurricane Katrina, relentlessly liberal “Presidential Historian” Douglas Brinkley, who also wrote a book about the New Orleans flood, The Great Deluge mentioned that the dragonfly was an unsung hero in the cleanup efforts.

But while I’m used to Brinkley butchering history to the benefit of liberalism, I thought he had at least some command of the English language.

The way Brinkley tells it, people were afraid to come help in New Orleans because of the fear of West Nile Virus, because of the mosquitoes and the dirty water.  Then the dragonflies saved the day.  The insects showed up and…

Brinkley: They ate as many mosquitoes as humanly possible…

Say what?

Dan Quayle call your office.

Rick’s Duhhhh List

2010 August 30

Rick Sanchez proved his keen insight and brilliant deductive reasoning this afternoon while discussing Hurricane Earl with the CNN weather guy:

SANCHEZ: If this thing [Hurricane Earl] gets close enough,[to the Bahamas] it could do a lot of damage down there.

How can Neil Cavuto and Dylan Rattigan even hope to compete with that?

A Boy Named Sue: Obama’s Radical Civil Rights Enforcer Promotes Utopia through Lawsuits

2010 August 16

Constitution, you say? Freedom?

Barack Obama’s Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Thomas Perez can’t wait to get up in the morning and sue Americans and American institutions for being unequal.  Not unfair, mind you, but unequal.

Your Creator might have given you equal rights, but Perez is going to create equal outcomes at the behest of his political Messiah, Barack Obama.

PEREZ: “I love this job. We have a very broad, a very ambitious vision. It’s a very exciting vision, and I wake up every morning with a hop in my step.”

Among his “broad” visions?  Not allowing colleges to use Kindle readers for textbooks until they became accessible to the blind.  No, I’m not kidding.

Maybe we shouldn’t laugh too loud.  He might realize the true egalitarian vision would be to make sighted students use Braille to even the playing field. read more…

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Kirsten Powers: Fox’s Blonde Joke

2010 August 12

Democrat “strategist” turned NY Post columnist Kirsten Powers made a minor brand name for herself on Fox News, where she was supposedly the reasonable Democrat– and eye candy competition for the Fox News info-babes.

But on Fox News Watch, FNC’s media bias panel program this past weekend, she proved herself to be a moral imbecile, when she defended Wikileaks by essentially saying, Who cares if the Afghanis helping us are murdered by the Taliban, that’s small potatoes.  Look at all the bad guys WE are killing:

POWERS: …if we really care about Afghani lives, then I think — let’s have a bigger conversation. If we are going to sit around and wring our hands about two or three people being killed, then we should be having a bigger conversation about civilians who are killed in Afghanistan. read more…

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