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David Forsmark is the owner and president of Winning Strategies, a full service political consulting firm in Michigan. David has been a regular columnist for Frontpage Magazine since 2006. For 20 years before that, he wrote book, movie and concert reviews as a stringer for the Flint Journal, a midsize daily newspaper.

Lunch Break Shocker: Upcoming Pop Film Shows Brutality of WWII-Era Soviets

2010 November 13

Can’t wait for this one!  I can’t think of another big-budget wide-release film for popular consumption that shows WWII-era Stalinism in its proper light.  At least not THIS explicitly.

Tom Selleck’s “Blue Bloods” Reflects the Conservatism of its Star

2010 November 12

The television season’s best surprise is easily Blue Bloods starring Tom Selleck as the New York City Police Commissioner, and the head of a multi-generational family of cops.   What looked in trailers to be a clunky cop drama is both a surprisingly original take on the genre  and a provocative look at some hot-button issues.

But looking at the lineage of Blue Bloods would have given us a clue.  Producers Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green have a lot of Sopranos episodes under their belts, (another family drama in a crime context) and Tom Selleck—other than a brief stint on Vegas—has been pretty choosy about his projects of late.

In a mere 7 episodes, Blue Bloods has taken on enhanced interrogation, profiling, vigilantism, and restrictions on the kinds of force a cop can use to protect his life.  And while both sides of the issue are presented fairly, this is a show from a cop point of view, starring one of Hollywood’s most prominent conservatives.

And it’s just cool that perhaps the number one 80s television icon makes his big return in a show as a character named Reagan. read more…

Jesse Jackson: Repealing Obamacare is “Genocide”

2010 November 12

Tweedledum and Tweedledumber.

Is there anyone in America more starved for attention and desperate to be part of the conversation than Jesse Jackson?

It’s worth remembering that back in the day, Jesse Jackson said that white so-called liberals always pushing to provide abortions in black neighborhoods was slow genocide…

Burn Notice: TV’s Coolest Veterans

2010 November 11

TV’s coolest veterans, Michael Westen (former Army Ranger and unjustly disgraced covert operative) and Sam Axe (retired Navy SEAL) return this Veterans Day to the USA Network, just when their country needs them to rescue a bland Fall season.

I’ve always had a problem with spy stories where the U.S. government is trying to kill someone merely based on suspicion they may leak information, or want to retire but “know too much.”

If that were anything close to real life, CIA turncoat Philip Agee wouldn’t have lived to be a leftist celebrity, and Wikileaks honcho  Julian Assange would– at least– be languishing at Gitmo.  (Both of which would be fine with me.)

When I heard the premise of USA Network’s Burn Notice, I was expecting a story about a spy with a cloud over his head dodging CIA assassins.  Happily, that is not the case.

In fact, despite his compromised– AKA “burned”—status, former Cold War and War on Terror U.S. intelligence covert operative extraordinaire Michael Westen (a very charismatic Jeffrey Donovan) remains a committed patriot who, even while he helps Miami citizens in distress on a free lance basis, will drop everything to risk his life to take on his nation’s enemies. read more…

Democrats, Media, Admit Bush Cut Taxes for Middle Class

2010 November 11

Today, Rush Limbaugh made the salient point that the Obama Administration is, in effect, admitting that tax increases are bad for the economy by caving on rescinding the Bush tax cuts.

But even more importantly, Obama and the media are trumpeting full time that George W. Bush cut taxes for the middle class in story after story, news conference after news conference. read more…

Triple Play: Keith Olbermann’s 3 Non-Apologies in 1 Segment

2010 November 11

So, upon his return from a 2 episode “indefinite suspension” from MSNBC—which mainly served to give him a “four-day weekend,”and a “universal hug,” Keith Olbermann made himself the apex of the “Countdown,” saving his apology for the spot reserved for the “Number 1 Story.”

If that wasn’t a clue…

Keith’s “apologies” went like this: read more…

“The Good Wife” Goes for Greatness

2010 November 10

The CBS lawyer drama The Good Wife, is so smart and politically incorrect, that it’s hard to believe it is on one of the dinosaur broadcast networks.  In fact, the only television series I have seen be this smart and brutally honest about big-city politics is The Wire—a comparison I don’t make lightly.

This is not the first—or even the second—time I have commented on this very popular show,  But a recent episode called The VIP Treatment, in which “the world’s most popular Democrat” who happens to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner is accused of assaulting a masseuse and leftists employ the argument, “Who cares what he does to a particular lower class woman, look what he does for women,” took “ripped from the headlines” in a direction Law and Order would never consider following. read more…

NRB Book Club: Now We Are Enemies: The Story of Bunker Hill

2010 November 9

Years before Michael Shaara wrote his Civil War classic, The Killer Angels, about the friends who faced each other at Gettysburg, Thomas Fleming launched his stellar career with this terrific— and similarly themed and gripping– narrative about the first battle of our first civil war, the American Revolution. read more…

Olby Fired for THIS? Nope.

2010 November 8

I’ve held off dancing on Keith Olbermann’s broadcast grave for two reasons:  One, because I wasn’t sure I believed it; and two, because I wasn’t sure it was cause for celebration.

Of all the compilations and commentary about the abrupt “indefinite suspension” by MSNBC of their most prominent personality, Keith Olbermann, perhaps the above video put together by Reason TV captures Olby more completely than any attempt to analyze his hate filled rants.

It should be noted, however, Thomas Roberts, the personality-free mannequin who filled in for Keith on Friday night, seemed to promise a quick return.  And last night, it was confirmed.  Keith Olbermann was “indefinitely”.. suspended for 2 shows. read more…

Modern Family Trumps Diversity Poker

2010 November 8

When I first saw the trailer for the superb ABC comedy Modern Family, I thought I knew exactly what to expect.  Political correctness run amok.

After all, a family sitcom in which a gay couple has adopted a Vietnamese baby, and are part of a clan whose patriarch is headed by Ed (Al Bundy) O’Neil?  Get ready for lots of lessons about prejudice and overbearing fathers.  Look for the nuclear family to learn all kinds of life lessons from the wise and sensitive gay couple… right?

Well, get ready for lots of fun poked at prejudices, all right.  But not in the Hollywood cultural bias default mode you might expect. read more…

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Ultra-Patriotic “Hawaii Five-O” One of the TV Season’s Best Surprises

2010 November 6

When I first heard there was to be a Hawaii Five-O reboot with younger actors, my first reaction was the groan of a man tired of television and movies mining his childhood to mostly lame and usually campy effect.

Not that the original Hawaii Five-O holds up incredibly well, probably ranking somewhere between Kojak and ColomboThe Wire, it ain’t.

And neither is the new series, but it is lively, witty, beautiful to look at and just plain fun.  It’s like a bigger budget version of the USA Network’s best (and also quite retro) shows, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, and White Collar.

And like those shows, Hawaii Five-O is very patriotic.  It’s also multicultural in the only good sense of the word. read more…

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Brilliant! Wildly Entertaining “Sherlock” Update is Wittily Un-PC

2010 November 1

The PBS/BBC Masterpiece Mystery this month is “Sherlock” which has Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson—along with supporting characters Inspector Lestrade and landlady Mrs. Hudson—operating in modern day London.

The show is simply ingenious– true enough to the character for purists and modern enough to attract a new younger audience—from the team that did much the same for geek cult favorite, Dr. Who.

But most surprisingly from something that is brought to you from both the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the notoriously left-wing BBC, “Sherlock” takes a completely un-PC view of our current war and gun control laws—mainly from the point of view of Martin (BBC’s “The Office”) Freeman’s Dr. Watson. read more…

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