Dave Redl

David Redl is a New Jersey cartoonist turned animator who watched heated debates on cable news shows and thought, "Geez... what were THEY like as kids..." and thus Angie was born! He's worked for King Features Syndicate as staff artist drawing and animating Popeye and Betty Boop among other characters. Since 1999 he's been the animation director at Funny Garbage, a NYC design company where he wore whatever hat to get the project done, drawing storyboards, animating, organizing productions and even programming. In his spare time, Dave created "", based loosely on his blue collar father and family, winning awards and asked to appear at many film festivals. The web site continues to get regular hits and receive fan mail around the world. Ever re-thinking his comic strip creations, "Angie" became an accumulation of all past efforts and learned lessons with comic strips, cartoons and animated characters.

Waking Up The Economy

2010 October 20

Liberal Religious Resolve

2010 October 18

Our New Reality?

2010 October 15

Crazy Care

2010 October 13

Teacher’s Unions Only Teach Failure

2010 October 12

Classless War is Fair

2010 October 6

One Nation-Hiding in the Open

2010 October 5

Danger Seeker

2010 September 28

Somewhat of a silly comic today.

What’s worse? El Diario, Mexico’s biggest newspaper restricting drug war coverage after the killing of it’s second journalist in less than two year by drug cartels or a Seattle cartoonist pulling a Salman Rushdie for drawing Muhammad?

Running on Fear

2010 September 23

Scary Days Ahead

2010 September 21

Election day for Delaware is not as close as Halloween. While Christine O’Donnells’ past transgressions “dabbling in witchcraft” and Chris Coons’ describing himself a Marxist is surfacing, simply ask which is scarier ? Witchcraft as a kid or an irresponsible spender as an adult?

The Economic Transportation Jam

2010 September 20

President Obama has been using this analogy over and over during our “summer of recovery.” There’s been variations on it, where the oppressors who drove the car into the ditch sipped a “Slurpee”, drank ice tea, sat on a lawn chair etc. But it always ended in asking for the keys back. The above is my variation on the analogy.

Have the President and congress’ policies actually dug the car out? No political party can simply take the keys back. The voters decide that request. Judging on those results we’ll see how well dug out the car actually was.

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